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Anton Iokov
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🔎 No-Code Solution Architect (remote)

What is Fibery?

Try it yourself.

Fibery is a no-code platform that teams use to create connected workspaces. By combining building blocks in different ways, creators make solutions for all kinds of companies: tech startups, digital agencies, wineries, and marijuana farms.

More on the competitors.

Our practical goal is to replace a bunch of isolated tools and bring teams together into a single collaboration space. We are talking Trello + Google Docs + Miro or Productboard + Jira + Pipedrive, for example.

Our long-term goal is to augment organizational intelligence. Basically, to help teams of knowledge workers to solve problems that seemed insoluble before.

Who are we looking for?

Unlike traditional software, Fibery is not one-size-fits-all: it shines only when tailored to a particular organization. And when it comes to large teams and complex workflows, creating a solution using any tool is no easy feat.

Looking for a slightly less extroverted job? Check out the Educator position.

We are looking for a person who will create surprisingly powerful solutions together with our customers. A solution architect, an implementation and onboarding specialist, a customer success manager, and a sales engineer — all in one, just like our product.

Here is our current concierge service offering.

This quick-witted and empathetic person:

  1. Patiently interviews a customer to get a good grasp of how their teams work and what the key pain points are.
  2. Quickly figures out the best tools for the job. If Fibery is not one of them, fights tears, admits the fact, and offers an alternative.
  3. Iteratively creates a solution for each team and connects everything together. Makes sure the customer is a co-pilot, not a passenger.
  4. Thoroughly trains the future power users. Helps to onboard the teams and migrate data from existing tools.
  5. Regularly checks in with the customer and helps to get the most out of Fibery by improving the solution and bringing in more teams.

🔮 After a few months of practice, the solution architect is so good that we are embarrassed by the solutions we built before. Customers are so excited about upcoming calls that we have to auction out the architect’s Calendly slots.

In addition to the core workflow, this extraordinary person:

  • Generalizes solutions into templates to attract new customers and get them started.
  • Showcases the most interesting customer use cases in our blog.
  • Curates our [not yet launched] partner program.
  • Provides unexpected feedback to the team and contributes to product development.

Are you a good fit?

Consider this not as a checklist, but rather as a set of desired qualities and experiences.


  • You’ve built useful tools for yourself or, even better, for your team.
  • You can quickly understand a complex system and explain it to a drunk cousin.
  • You are not terrified by the prospect of having a dozen of 1:1 video calls per week.

Technical skills:

  • You’ve [unknowingly] designed a few databases in 4NF.
  • You’ve built powerful spreadsheets, created a Notion workspace from scratch, or dived deep into some other no-code tool.
  • You’ve automated a few routines via Zapier, IFTTT, or Integromat.
  • You’ve written a program (in any programming language) that other people use.

Domain knowledge:

  • You’ve seen various teams at work and can tell JTD from GTD.
  • You’ve administered Jira, Salesforce, or any other work management tool.
  • You’re excited about the tools for thought and the ideas of Douglas Engelbart, Alan Kay, and Ted Nelson.

It’s ok if you are not a practicing solution architect, but rather a business analyst or product manager looking for a quicker feedback cycle and deeper connection with customers.

Are we a good fit?

If you are not scared off by our business exhibitionism and self-deprecating jokes, it’s a good start.

We are a small company of just over 20 people, so you are likely to wear multiple hats. Solving problems and pursuing opportunities outside your usual responsibilities is not frown upon.

We started as a collocated company in Minsk but currently work remotely from Poland, Belarus, and Cyprus. You are free to pick where and when you work.

What is the next step?

Tell us about yourself at

Please share which parts of the job you are excited about and which parts are meh. We are also looking for an Educator, so your 🤢 might be their 😎. Together you’ll be like Kobe and Shaq, Serena and Venus, Xavi and Iniesta.

Also, feel free to ask any provocative questions.