How Santa Uses Fibery to make Christmas happen

How Santa Uses Fibery to make Christmas happen
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Ho-ho-ho! 🎄👋

2,2 billion customers, a billion positions product range, 195 countries to ship to, and a large team to make it all happen. Yes, it's definitely not yet another will-close-next-month-or-year startup.

See how the North Pole CEO a.k.a. Santa uses Fibery to keep the list of children, automatically decide if they qualify for presents or coal, manage who will get what, and track the production process. 👇

Part 1. Santa tries to understand what is going on

Christmas is coming, and that means, that Santa needs to know, what present every child on the planet will receive! It's 2021, no-code revolution, so we've decided to help Santa and his helpers (helping helpers huehuehue)

Santa has a lot things to do

🧒 needs to see allsee all gift recipients
😈 understand whether they were good or badbad (or super extremely badsuper extremely bad)
🎁 check which presents to give
🧝 ask the elves to prepare all the presentsprepare all the presents
🛷 deliverdeliver all of them
🔥 burnout for a yearburnout for a year to rise again in 365 days!

Let's go!

The conclusions are ready and look like this.

Looks reasonable, but….. can we trust it? Are the Fibery algorithms OK?

Let's check out Winnie the Pooh and Grinch!

Every child has his own card. Yes, Winnie is a 90 y.o.90 y.o. teddy bear, but if you want to leave him without a present - then you're a Grinch!

Ok, now we know more about this plushie baby, but let's check what he has done this year. Being Winnie-the-Pooh is definitely not enough to receive a present!

Let's dive deeper and see how we evaluate Actions….

OK, looks like Winnie reached the target and deserves his Present!

And what about the Grinch?
He is not a child, but still, Santa gives him a chance every year….

Ok. Looks like we can trust the Table.
Time to check Production!

Part 2. Elves try to understand what is going on

...and create all the presentsall the presents just in time

What do we need to know about Presents?

That's always a "three-W rule":

❓ What are they
❓ Who has to make them
❓ Where they are now

And here we are, on a Perfect View That Nails it!

Of course, Santa doesn't have to dive into all those details, so he will see the Status on his card, and will also receive a notification, once a present is ready and packedready and packed 💖

Oh, and for sure the Elves also need to manage delivery! Some of the presents will be delivered by Santa himself (with reindeer). But Santa has lots of friendshas lots of friends! Thomas the Train is always ready to help, and good children parents are also willing to make miracles realto make miracles real.

So a Delivery board is a must

OK, and every Elf has so much work to do - it's so easy to collapse in chaoseasy to collapse in chaos and miss something! And every miss = lost present for a good child = lost hope = naughtiness coming!
🤯 No chance to a mistake.

So every Elf has a board with his list of Presents to prepare. No Gods or Kings. Only Fibery

Part 3. Delivery and Celebration

That's something we all are waiting for, right?

🎉🎉 Happy holidays, everyone! 🎉🎉

Part 4. Future improvements

What can we add in the future?

🎅 Collecting children feedback - we need to know, whether they liked their presents
🎅 History - let's check, whether children are becoming better or not
🎅 Hiring - I hope the world will become better and Santa will recruit little helpers to handle everything

P.S. If you want to explore this Christmassy workspace, grab it here. Or just grab one of the templates below.

P.P.S. Some images on this page are from "Santa's Workshop" (1932) by Walt Disney and from other pop culture objects. (🥺 Please don't sue us, we are poorwe are poor)

Templates used in this customer story

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