Security Policy

Your privacy and security are our top priorities. We strive to maintain the highest level of security without compromising performance or user experience so that you can focus on work and leave the boring (yet very important 🫡) things to us.

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PCI DSS Compliance

All payments made to us go through our payments provider, Braintree. Details about their security setup and PCI compliance can be found on Braintree's security page.

Data Protection
We are committed to data protection practices that keep your data safe and under your control.
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Infrastructure Security

Fibery uses a reliable physical infrastructure and runs on a secure network that's built around data security to ensure that your information remains private, secure, and available.

Our servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services platform. The physical servers are located in AWS’s EC2 data centers.

Data Encryption

All Fibery web application communications are encrypted with Transport Level Security (TLS). We score an ‘A+’ rating on Qualys SSL Labs‘ tests. All data for Fibery is encrypted at rest.

Backups & Monitoring

We use AWS RDS’ backup solution for datastores that contain customer data. On an application level, we store logs for all activity through Elasticsearch.

Organizational security & Confidentiality

All Fibery employees receive ongoing training in information security, data privacy, and password security. All employee and contractor agreements include a confidentiality clause.

Product Security & Access
Our user management features help you control the platform's access and stay secure.
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Have questions about Fibery security, compliance, and access control?
Contact us at and we'll be happy to help.
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