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Startup Diary
Mar 03, 2020

#19. First Customers in February 2020

First true customers. 100 active accounts. +Polina. Up to speed. −Telemetry. Still no public launch. Independence!

Startup Diary
Oct 01, 2019

#14. Anxious September 2019

Domain evolution is done. Notifications are done. Actions Buttons are done. Fall is free. Creators! Polishing is terrified.

Startup Diary
Jun 03, 2019

#10. Burn in May 2019

Several people burned out, new features are delivered, public release will be sooner (we hope) (despite ill fortune).

Startup Diary
Apr 01, 2019

#8. Fixing Private Beta in March 2019

Fibery startup progress in March 2019: We’ve provided access to Fibery to 100 accounts and collected some feedback.

Startup Diary
Jan 02, 2019

#5. Engine Warm Up in December 2018

Company: decreased burn rate. Product changes: formulas, filters, timeline improvements, create entities in batches.

Startup Diary
Dec 03, 2018

#4. Winter Is Coming in November 2018

Fibery startup results in November 2018. Good development speed, new app creation flow, wiki, customizable entity view.

Startup Diary
Nov 01, 2018

#3. Smelling a Private Beta in October 2018

Fibery startup progress in October 2018: Alpha version feedback, new web site, custom app creation, apps import and export.

Startup Diary
Oct 01, 2018

#2. Slow September 2018

Fibery startup progress in September 2018. Slow month with not so many news. First positive feedback. Company name selection.

Startup Diary
Sep 04, 2018

#1. Crawling in August 2018

Startup backstage is an interesting thing to observe. I’ll write regular posts about Fibery progress and results.

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