You know better
You know your company better than anyone. Don't let your tool dictate how your team should work and collaborate.
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What is Fibery?

Fibery is a work and knowledge management platform — yet another one that claims to be flexible and all-in-one. You'll be the judge.

We have decomposed all sorts of "team productivity" tools into basic building blocks: relation databases

, visualizations
, automation rules
, rich-text editor 
, etc.

Now it's up to you to create a workspace for your company.

As clear as mud. 🤷‍♂️
Are you a LEGO competitor or what?

More like Notion's but with more emphasis on structure and connections and

less on the wiki partnot Airtable level of "less" though 😅

Actually, you can build 80% of pretty much any traditional work management tool in Fibery — be it Jira, Asana, Productboard, or Dovetail. And more like 142% of Trello.

I bet your mascot is a platypus. Why would I settle for 80% of anything if I can have 100%?

Because you see the big picture and are willing to sacrifice local maxima for the global one. Fibery is not 80% of Jira or 80% of Asana, it's both at the same time for different teams.

Moreover, these parts are connected not via some shaky Zapier integration but are part of the same relational database.

Why would I care?

Having all kinds of data in the same place, connected, unlocks some interesting workflows at the intersections of departments. For example:

  • product + customer success: identify recurring pain points in customer feedback, build features to solve them, and close the loop with customers;
  • product + engineering:
    visualize the entire hierarchy from objectives to storieswith an arbitrary number of steps in between
    for you to drill down and for dev teams to zoom out — no more "why are we building that?!".

We bet you are the right kind of person to appreciate that.

Who do you think I am?!

An opinionated leader of a tech company with an urge to make things. Probably, a CEO, a CTO, or a CPO with an engineering background. A Product Ops, perhaps.

You've faced limitations with your current tools and realized they are holding you and your team back.

Engineering background? Is Fibery a tool for programmers?
More like for people with a systems approach to problem-solving. A 'former engineer' is just a correlation — could be a 'Factorio pro' or an 'urban planner' as well.
But I have N people in my company, and 0.9N of them are nothing like that!

In any Fibery workspace, there are a handful of makers and a bunch of users.

The high bar is for makers only: if makers do a good job, users get the least complicated work management software of their life. We have nuns using Fibery, for God's sake.

I thought it was your job to design collaboration software, not mine.

We have no idea how to run your company and we lack the self-confidence to pretend otherwise. That's why we provide building blocks and templates rather than a finished product.

But don't worry, we won't leave you alone (unless you ask): customers praise our deep-diving customer support, and we are happy to lend you a helping brain.

Is your sales pitch over?

Oh, so it's been a sales pitch? 😅

Then let us mention that by replacing a bunch of scattered tools you don't only cut down on admin and onboarding overhead, but also pay less.

Now it's time to try

Inspired by inventors.
Douglas Engelbart, engineer and inventor
Bret Victor, interface designer
Alan Kay, computer scientist
Wassily Kandinsky, painter and art theorist
Margaret Hamilton, software engineer
Rich Hickey, creator of Clojure
Edwin Catmull, president of Pixar
Benoit Mandelbrot, mathematician
Ada Lovelace, mathematician
Richard Feynman, theoretical physicist
J. C. R. Licklider, psychologist and computer scientist
Boris Delaunay, mathematician
Georgy Voronoy, mathematician