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mr Brainy
mr Brainy
If you've outgrown Jira, Notion, Airtable, and ClickUp — and are ready to replace them
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Bring work and knowledge under the same roof
One tool for documents, a second tool for task management and another for diagrams. The end result? 🚨 Poor connectivity.
Connect structured data (e.g. tables, kanban boards) with unstructured data (e.g. documents) and always stay in context.
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work and knowledge

Radically honest warning:

Do you have the permission (or forgiveness) from your team to replace some of their tools?
mr Brainy
mr Brainy

Some real feedback:

We were finally able to have product planning, high-level executive views, marketing initiatives, content calendars, and async meeting organization all in one place while all referencing the same underlying data.

Flexibility to work your own way
Stop using workflows & terminologies defined by someone else… not everything is an "issue" or a "task".
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Map your processes the way you want by using
custom fields
custom databases
custom relations
Custom fields

Radically honest warning:

We give you the basic building blocks: relation databases, visualizations, automation rules, rich-text editor, etc. but you need to have an idea of how your team operates.
mr Brainy
mr Brainy

Some real feedback:

I had tried Coda, Notion, and a bunch of other similar tools, but the problem always was that it felt like a system built by others. With Fibery, it feels like the opposite. I build the system, and it just provides an interface to work with my data.

Extract insights from all kinds of data
Charts & reports are weak in almost all work management tools. If they're available at all.
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Fibery has
powerful Tableau-like reports
— in the
same context
where the rest of your work and knowledge lives.
Powerful report
Feature list + board

Radically honest warning:

We won't teach you data analysis; so if you haven't done it before, you'll need to invest some time & effort.
mr Brainy
mr Brainy

Some real feedback:

Reports are great. You kinda need to get used to them for complex cases and set up your fields and entities properly, but when you do you can get so much information from your data.

How Fibery helps you…

Product managers
Product managers
Always remain on top of "Why are we building that?" type of questions.
Break down silos between your departments. Bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Validate ideas, research your market, and get stuff done.
Build processes that are specific to your company's workflow.
Software engineering
Software engineering
Collaborate on backlogs, sprints, releases, and development wiki — all in one place. Replace most of your stack with a single tool.

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Enjoy the moment that you dared to be different

Humans are pack animals - conformity is in our DNA. But you dared to be different by not choosing an Atlassian product. Well done!

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