Goals and KPIs, and effective managers

Goals and KPIs can destroy the workflow. How can meaningful objectives be disruptive? Learn to avoid the mess in setting goals and KPIs in just one simple step.

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Product idea validation: how to do it?

There's only one way out: start creating the minimum viable product. This is the most effective strategy for product validation. Why? It brings you external feedback.

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Start with a niche

The most popular products don’t become mass popular overnight. It’s a process. Usually they popularity is uneven, they are unknown in some niches, but very popular in another niches.

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#29. Freedom in January 2021

Independence and freedom. Fibery for Product Teams release. Some marketing activities started. Kate joined our marketing team. Fantastic reviews from our customers.

Startup Diary9 min read

#28. Hibernating November 2020

Fibery 2.0 release moved to January 2021. Not so many new features, but expect a new burst soon. Anna joined our company as the Head of Marketing. Winter (or Summer) came.

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Time Tracking

How to log hours manually or with a timer, generate timesheet for each person, and create flashy project reports

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#13. Hot August 2019

Notifications are somewhat done. Rename is graceful. Action Buttons are born. Canvas View is growing. Javascript. HN banned us.

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Fibery.io Philosophy

We create Fibery.io based on several main principles. They are short, deep and concrete.

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Formulas in Fibery

Fibery supports formulas. So far Formula field supports Number only (Decimal or Integer). More data types will be added later (Date, Text…

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Fibery.io User Guide for Creators

This guide will help you to penetrate entrance barrier and internalize Fibery mental model. Thus you will freely navigate Fibery and tailor it to your own needs and cases.

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