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Try. Suffer. Quit.Yet another
collaboration tool

Claims to be all-in-one, is mediocre at everything.


There are dozens
of collaborative productivity tools on the market.

Not that we are significantly better.

We just can't help building another one.

We have miserably spent 5 (possibly 6?) years of our lives and are still ashamed of the result.

Try. Suffer. Quit.

Brace yourself, it won't be a smooth ride.

Create custom
Spaces, breathe deeply

Maybe, Fibery will be really good 2 years from now.

Try. Suffer. Quit.

Somehow you've managed to set this up.

It only gets worse
from here

It's not just the creator who suffers, but everyone else too.

Try. Suffer. Quit.

Why risk your reputation with unproven software?

Go with the tool
that works!

Nobody ever got fired for buying Atlassian.

But we have 🏠 mortgages...

Get a single connected workspace where all teams are welcome.

Inspired by investors.

Marc Andreessen, investor
Ben Horowitz, investor
Paul Graham, venture capitalist
Peter Thiel, venture capitalist
Andrey Filon, investment director
Don Valentine, venture capitalist
Ellen Pao, investor
Warren Buffett, investor
Jess Lee, venture capitalist
Mara, Credit Blanc Suisse