All-in-one platform
to invent, build & grow your products

Engage product team around OKRs and make them transparent, build your product roadmap, ideate using customer feedback, and manage software development.

Rosetta Stone

Join some awesome product teams.

Product Management

From product vision to goals and features — link a shared why with clear what and when. Without everyone-is-scrolling-twitter meetings.


Align teams around common goals, bridge the gap to features and tasks, and see if outputs correlate with outcomes.


Welcome new ideas but prioritize fiercely. Use RICE, WSJF, MoSCoW, or your own fancy method 🎲


Plan features on a timeline or on a simple now-next-later board. Group by goal, team, or product.

We were finally able to have product planning, high-level executive views, marketing initiatives, content calendars, and async meeting organization all in one place while all referencing the same underlying data.

Jason Williams Director, Product & Growth

Go for it 🐣

Make it easier for your team to create a product that people love.

Customer Feedback

Treat each conversation as an opportunity to improve the product, and turn each release day into Boxing Day for your customers. Automatically grab conversations as they happen.

Tag Conversations

Sync feedback from Intercom, Discourse, and more. Link parts of conversations to insights and features.

Drive Development

Identify top requests, dig deeper into the linked feedback, invent solutions, and invite requesters to test them out.

Close the Loop

Once a feature is live, notify the customers. Use the linked feedback to make each message personal 💝


Come up with unexpected 👻 solutions by talking and typing. Remote is sometimes a feature, not a bug.

Digital Whiteboards

Build CJMs and mindmaps, brainstorm and organize ideas. Turn the craziest ones into features and stories.

Collaborative Documents

Write beautiful briefs together in real time, mention teammates, create tasks right from the editor. Also, have we mentioned backlinks?

Software Development

Decompose features into stories, marry design with code, and ship as often as you dare. Sync issues, pull requests, and commits from dev tools.

Jira Software


Automatically link pull requests to stories and bugs. Or start with Jira integration before fully migrating to Fibery.


Estimate and prioritize stories, run sprints, and analyze velocity to keep plans realistic.


Define a custom workflow for your Kanban board, distribute work within the team, and track time (or don't).

Request a demo 🚀

This brochure looks neat, but you'd like a guided tour with Q&A?

User Research

Conduct thoughtful interviews, identify pain points, and find out why your latest glorious idea won't work.

Organize studies

Describe goals, prepare interview templates, and schedule sessions.

Capture highlights

Take smart notes: mention common themes, missing features, and top competitors.

Share insights

Analyze data and collaborate to turn recurring observations into rectangles on the product roadmap.

Simply connected

Escape isolated / work / management / tools and bring teams closer together. No information silos, no copy-pasting, and no integration to maintain.

Surprisingly customizable

Fibery adapts to your team, incorporates JTBD and GIST, embraces Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall, and supports product management frameworks that are not yet invented. How? It's a no-code platform.

Escape scattered tools

Get a single connected workspace where all teams are welcome.

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