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Fibery is an open startup with public metrics — updated every day (or more often) based on Fibery data & visualized by Fibery.

We love transparency. It makes the world a better place and builds trust between people (and companies). Open Startup movement is great and we are proud to be a part of it 🦋. Here you can find several charts with interesting information about Fibery as a product and Fibery as a company.

These charts are unusual, but our team is OK to share them. No animals (or people) were harmed.

What customers say
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After years of wandering through the wasteland of Asana, Monday, Notion (I've tried everything), finally found my PM nirvana in @fibery_io. Literally the best tool I've ever used. I hope someone dumps a $25m Series A on them so they can keep building - a unicorn in the making.
The product is great and so so promising. After living with JIRA and Harvest for five years I feel free. Free to use Fibery to build out a tool that suits my process and way of thinking. Let’s believe together and I’ll promise to give you feedback! 🙌🏻
I'm also a fanatic of good productive tools and I think you need to check @fibery_io it's 🔥🔥🔥
I said something very similar to this to a client interested in using Fibery today, no joke. The depth of workflows you can create and automate with it are unmatched. I constantly feel like I'm just scratching the surface of what can be done.
Ohhhh I found your free year offer for startups and now I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!
More particularly the idea, I think, would be that a majority of *work* can be done in Fibery (due to flexibility), and parts of that work can be re-used or adapted as documentation *also* in Fibery. You can intermix bi-directionally, docs into work, work into docs.
So many of ya may already see @coda_hq as "better @NotionHQ".
But y'all know what's "better Coda"?@fibery_io 👈🏻
Fibery is my favorite #NoCode tool of 2021 !!
So much value 🔥

You cannot model this in ClickUp, Todoist, Notion, Linear, Shortcut, or anything else, because they shove their db model in your face and you have to use it.

ClickUp doesn't even have nested folders 🤦‍♂️
I’ve worked with (and for) thousands of companies in my life and @fibery_io blows them all away. They have an amazing product, incredible support, excellent (free) training and company culture that leaves us (customers) cheering for their success. Absolute legends. #nocode
I love @fibery_io for not needing to hit "save" when editing docs.
OMG! The things you can do with @fibery_io 🤯It took me about a week w/h @HalterPigeon to set one for the @VGF_FGV (we have a lot of projects going on) and it's super easy and convenient. Thx @louisfelx for the tip!
Damn.... I love the @fibery_io overly transparent newsletter. The good and the bad - it gives context to the STRUGGLE of building a product.

Congratulations to their team on the seed round.
Yes, been exploring through their blog the whole day. Falling in love with their philosophy, and I finally see why you hold such huge respect for the team and the product.

I have decided to go with Fibery for our Firm


We stopped using Fibery and I'd like to downgrade to a free plan to able to continue experimenting.

As a CTO I love Fibery. We were using it for HRM system and my colleagues weren't able to configure and use it and switched to Notion. Unfortunately, I have no time and energy to advocate for Fibery for now :(.


I was around to discover Fibery on the advice of a colleague.

I mainly played around trying to understand how it works. The main question I had was: "What is the difference with Airtable or".

I actually trust these two platforms already, they are well known by my customers... (while Fibery had a massive technical issue a few days after I created my account).


Sorry, one last thing. I looks like you have embedded Miro into your Whiteboards, which is great. We will use this alot. However, it appears to be a very old, limited version of Miro. Is it possible to update it to include the current Miro functionality / interface / features?


I think it is important that we continue to point out all of these "minor" UI/UX issues.

There are so many of them that they add up to a real annoyance (for people like me anyway). Hopefully the louder we complain about it, the sooner the team will decide to regard this as a high priority issue.


While I liked fibery, I'm reluctant to introduce another tool that people on our team will have to get used to using at the moment. We use Notion for most things currently, and we've been using it for quite a while so the team is used to it.


Миша, я по честному 3 раза попытался разобраться. 2 раза зерегистрировался. Один из них вылетела какая-то ошибка системного уровня что-то про database lock. И даже после успешной регистрации я не понял что мне делать. Может кто-то помочь?


Your app is buggy af.

Shows multiple cursors on drawing page even for single user.

Could not save tasks,due to some api call failing,lost some progress info there.


To be completely honest, I tend to go to Coda for building documents to share with the team, they look cleaner (bigger bolder headers just an example) and are easier to edit. We really want to ditch Coda to not keep things in multiple places, but there are little things like that that keeps us going back to them.

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