"Botanica" by Ina Melnik

Infinitely flexible workspace toPlan, analyze, and store user research

Plan user research, collect feedback, track insights, and brainstorm ideas together

fibery + intercom

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User Research

Organize eye-opening interviews, spot recurring pain points, and back your development strategy with strong insights.

We invest into continuous research and run regular sessions with potential customers. Fibery is great for this. Notes and videos from all sessions are there and we have a board of insights that are linked to these notes. I also set up several fields for data we collect from all sessions (like product price range, important parameters, etc). And although the interviews are a qualitative tool, as they accumulate, a nice quantity of data gets built up.

Adam FendrychProduct Manager

Customer Feedback

Capture the voice of your customers from different sources to see if they love your product as much as you hope.


Spot repeatable observations of customer problems or behaviors and turn them into your next big idea.

Digital Whiteboards

Create CJMs and mindmaps, brainstorm and organize ideas. Turn the craziest ones into action items.

Collaborative Documents

Write beautiful briefs together in real-time, mention teammates, create tasks right from the editor.

Features you'll love

Real-time collaboration
See all people changes in real-time as they work. No need to refresh or save.
Discuss insights and ideas, decide what to do.
Get Email or Slack notifications about important changes.
Mention teammates, bring them into discussions.
Create beautiful reports that quantify research results.
Free links
Link text blocks to anything you want: Insights, Ideas, Tags, your own custom Databases.

Escape scattered tools

Get a single connected workspace where all teams are welcome.

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Inspired by inventors.

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Alan Kay, computer scientist
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Rich Hickey, creator of Clojure
Edwin Catmull, president of Pixar
Benoit Mandelbrot, mathematician
Ada Lovelace, mathematician
Richard Feynman, theoretical physicist
J. C. R. Licklider, psychologist and computer scientist
Boris Delaunay, mathematician
Georgy Voronoy, mathematician