Centralizing company data while meeting particular teams needs

Centralizing company data while meeting particular teams needs
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Plex is a global streaming service of free ad-supported TV shows and movies. Fibery brings product, marketing, and development together in one shared workspace — and allows each department to fully customize its processes.

Over the past six months, Plex has been integrating Fibery more broadly across our organization. For years we used several disparate tools and processes to develop our product. This included a blend of Google Docs, Github Issues, and a ridiculous amount of spreadsheets for feature planning, tracking status, marketing initiatives, launch planning, and partner integrations. Needless to say, navigating the spaghetti of data scattered across multiple files and systems for the lifecycle of just 1 major feature was not efficient. Executive staff needed high-level views, product team needed consolidated planning, marketing teams needed calendars associated with content and features, and we continually replicated data in multiple places relying solely on a few people to keep all of that data current. We knew we needed to not only improve our processes but find a way to centralize data, while supporting a variety of domain-specific attributes and views, so we could tailor them specifically to a department or role.

In short order, we set out to research and try various products in the marketplace. The product and marketing teams drove this overall initiative and looked at a variety of software solutions including Aha!, Coda, Monday, Product Plan, Jira, and the list goes on. Without formally comparing or reviewing these products I can quickly point out a few key areas that kept them from being the right fit for us at Plex. Some of these products were simple to use, which was important but they lacked the customization we needed to continue utilizing our existing processes while improving them over time. Other products were too opinionated or rigid on how the entire SDLC should work, and, finally, others may have potentially worked but required too much obscure customization and offered a lackluster UI in doing so. When we finally discovered Fibery within a link from another products forum, we stood up a few examples over a weekend and it was amazing how much we were able to model the tool to our processes within a few hours. At last we felt that we could support all of the entities and attributes important to us while centralizing the data.

The more we explored and understood entity models, relationships and views in Fibery, the more impressed we became. We were finally able to have product planning, high-level executive views, marketing initiatives, content calendars, and async meeting organization all in one place while all referencing the same underlying data.

After the product team at Plex felt pretty confident this was the best solution for how we worked, we reached out to the team at Fibery and were equally impressed with their staff. They were transparent about where they were, extremely helpful in discussing our needs, and always open to providing feedback on how we were using the product. I think it is also important to note that in the last 6 months the team has kept up regular communication with us and released several features or improvements that have demonstrated their ability to listen to their community. We now have more teams within our organization getting up to speed with Fibery and utilizing it to assist in their particular teams needs.

While no product will be a silver bullet to fully automating processes, Fibery has absolutely assisted us in helping us fine-tune ours while keeping communication and visibility high. We are excited to continue to grow with the platform and keep streamlining how we work.

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