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Define the various States that an Item can be in…

…configure the possible Transitions between those States…

…and thereby control which Users are permitted to make the State changes.

Also might be helpful

Asset management

Stay on top of your assets, keeping track of which ones are due for maintenance, and where they are.

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Business Model Canvas

Understand the business model of your product. Know your customers, value propositions, and how your product is going to win the market.

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Customer Feedback

Time to make your Feedback aggregation shine bright like a 💎 — use highlights and connect feedback with real pieces of work.

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GIST Planning

Escape planning waterfall and assumption-driven roadmaps with a product management framework based on the Lean Startup principles.

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Collect insights and new ideas, brainstorm ideas on whiteboards, create prototypes, and connect ideas to execution.

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OKR Tracking

Set ambitious objectives, track progress with measurable key results and connect OKRs to other Spaces to bridge strategy and execution.

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Product Competitor Analysis

Review your competitor's features, check which competitor is the strongest in the particular area.

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Product LaunchCal

Improve coordination of several teams (development, support, marketing, etc) and set up a launch process.

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Product Management

Come up with big ideas, break them down, prioritize your way and build an interactive roadmap.

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Product Market Fit Engine

Gather feedback from your users in order to maximise product-market fit.

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Product Strategy MuST Template

Keep multiple parallel strategic initiatives, and find the next big thing. Framework, used by Apple, Google, and Netflix.

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Shape up

Follow the Shape up process for product development: shaping, betting and building in a repeating cycle.

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Usability Testing

Organize UX tests, take structured notes and analyze results to create a product that people love.

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User Research

Extract insights from interviews and usability tests, get to know your (future?) customers and be surprised by your own product.

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Escape scattered tools

Get a single connected workspace where all teams are welcome.