StartUp accelerator management

Are you an accelerator looking to streamline your startup application process? If so, that's the template for you.

With easy-to-use application forms, intuitive task management, and goal-tracking features, managing multiple startups will become relatively easy. Plus, with our powerful reports, you can keep track of funding rounds and stay on top of your game.



Check out other Startup templates:

Asset management

Stay on top of your assets, keeping track of which ones are due for maintenance, and where they are.

Customer Discovery

Here you can aggregate feedback from different sources, manage conversations, and extract useful insights.

Customer Feedback

Time to make your Feedback aggregation shine bright like a 💎 — use highlights and connect feedback with real pieces of work.


The finance template allows you to plan a budget for the future and record transactions as they happen.


Keep track of interactions with investors to reduce the cognitive load from an already stressful process.


Manage open positions and track candidates, set up a screening process and recruit miraculous talent (once in a while).

Product Launch Template

Improve coordination of several teams (development, support, marketing, etc) and set up a launch process.

Product Market Fit Engine

Gather feedback from your users in order to maximise product-market fit.

Software Development

Prioritize a backlog of stories and rare bugs, plan and run sprints, build engineering wiki, and organize releases for a smooth delivery.

Escape scattered tools
Get a single connected workspace where all teams are welcome.