Fundraising template overview

🔦 Move investors through the investor flow to see how close you are to getting that money, add every investor interaction from email to pitch, and keep your investor-related research and takeaways in the same place.

  • Use the template separately or take the most of Fibery with the whole connected workspace for startups, where you can work on everything, from strategy to software development to fundraising.

  • Increase transparency and keep your team aligned on the investment's progress.

  • Make the fundraising process truly yours — Fibery is a no-code tool after all.

Ok, let's find some investors 🤑

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Why use the Fundraising template?

Fundraising is kinda brutal: the process of raising money is often long, complex, and extremely exhausting. Nevertheless, it is a path almost all startups and founders must walk, as without funding the majority of startups will simply die. 💀

We built this simple tracker to support you on your fundraising journey and clear your head. With the template, you don't need to think about when the next meeting is coming, whether you sent that email, and where to find that research you did about the investor you are pitching to tomorrow.

What can the Fundraising tracker template do?

This Fundraising Tracker allows you to keep track of all interactions with investors and measure your progress toward your fundraising goal. What meeting is planned next? What funds do you still need to contact? Who rejected and who agreed to invest? (Haha, ok, you would probably remember those who agreed, right?) This simple yet powerful tracker template will help you keep track of all these questions.

Create an investors flow

Get an overview of your current investors' flow on the Kanban board. Easily check who is close to the term sheet stage and what pitch is coming next.

Track every interaction with investors

Be it email, meeting, or a pitch, gather all the interactions in one place. Add notes, files, comments, or action items,

Customize till you're tired

Nothing is hardcoded, so feel free to adjust the process as you want! Add calendar views or a goal tracker, see the meetings for the upcoming week on a separate board or build custom reports showing your progress week by week. Tailor the template to your team 💪

Who is this Fundraising template for?

For all those who want to be a unicorn! 🦄 We believe that not only founders will benefit from it, but the whole team too.

How to use the Fibery Fundraising template?

The Fundraising plan and process are quite simple with this template: create an investor flow that suits you or use the current one, add investors to whom you want to pitch your startup, and move them through the Kanban board. Log all interactions on the Interactions table and open an investor profile to see all the related data.

For a more detailed explanation and some customization hacks, just keep reading.

Account and template setup

If you don't have a Fibery workspace, wait no more and get one. Don't forget to fill in the form and get one year for free, if you are an early-stage startup.

Then install the template, and let's begin the setup process.

Please note that the template includes some demo content, but feel free to remove it once you've familiarized yourself with the concept.

Process set up: Databases and fields

Let's grasp the main terms and set up the connections that naturally reflect the way your team works.

Let's go to "Configure Space" and start with Databases. You will have 2 connected Databases by default: Investor and Interaction.

Add as many Fields as you want for every Database. For example, on the Investor Database, you already have Fields like "Name", "Description", "Contact Email", and more. If needed, add any other Field you want to use to describe the Investors you want to pitch to.

Views setup: boards, tables, reports

Views allow to look at the data you collect from multiple angles and visualize your investor flow with boards, lists, timeline, tables, reports, and more.

From the start, you have just two pre-made views, Investors flow, and Interactions, to keep in simple.

You can always add more as you go.

It's time to do some actual work

1. Build the Investors flow

2. Add Investors you want to pitch to

Open an Investors flow board to add a new Investor and complete them with more info. Create rich-text descriptions, add contact email, website, etc and capture structured data with more custom fields.

Interactions and last contacted date will automatically appear here too once you add new interactions.

3. Add interactions and move investors on the board

Use Fundraising template 💎

Workspace Demo and Concierge support

It's all on us! If you have any questions on how to use or customize this Fundraising template, just contact us via Intercom and we will schedule a demo call.

We also have a Concierge offer that includes full help with a workspace setup, from data import to inviting team, and continuous chat support. It's available to all product teams and 100% free.

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