Connect Fibery to hundreds of other tools to automate routine tasks.

With Zapier integration you can:

  1. Sends Emails for every new Bug.

  2. Create new Candidate in Fibery from Email sent to cv@yourcompany.com.

  3. Send notification to Slack #bugs channel when a new Bug is created.

  4. Add Event into Google Calendar when an Interview Entity is created in Fibery.

  5. Create new Idea in Fibery from Zendesk.

  6. Add Meeting into Fibery when a new event is created in Google Calendar.

How to connect Zapier

Create Zap that sends emails for every new Bug created in Fibery.

Get in a creative mood and go crazy with your Zaps 🤪

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Currency Exchange

Convert payments and salaries from one currency to another using historical exchange rates.


Drive your product backlog with ideas (and rants) from your community — and don't forget to close the loop.


Bring your code closer to work to get visibility and avoid context switching.


Link conversations to insights and features to drive product decisions and close the loop with customers.


Sync your whole Jira Server or Cloud database to Fibery and connect issue tracking to roadmapping before fully switching from J to F


Collecting Slack messages and simplifying the feedback process by linking messages to product features and insights for creating references.


Migrate to Fibery once your team and your workflows are too much for Trello to handle.


Connect to other Spaces to get an up-to-date countries dropdown, slice sales by region, and add calling codes to local phone numbers.


Create insights, features, and bugs from tickets to drive product development and close the loop with customers.

Slack Bot

Create Entities from Slack. Convert discussions and ideas into actionable work in Fibery.


Use Make (formerly Integromat) to connect Fibery to hundreds of tools like Slack, Pipedrive, or Hubspot and let the machine do repetitive tasks for you.

Escape scattered tools
Get a single connected workspace where all teams are welcome.