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7 Employee Database Software to Revamp Your HR Management

Once upon a time, employee information was a chaotic mess of endless spreadsheets. Today, we’ve got HR database software to consolidate it all into one place – an accessible and simple tool for all sorts of HR needs.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this post:

  •  An overview of how you can find the perfect-fit employee database management software for your company.
  • A look at our top seven employee database platforms to see which one aligns best with your business.

How to Pick the Right Employee Database Software

The best way to figure out which software works best for you has a lot to do with asking the right questions. Together, those answers will help you narrow down your choices.

  • Does it fit your business needs? If you’re a small business with fewer employees, you might not require the comprehensive software a large organization might.
  • Is the software easy to use? You won’t want to pick out software that has a steep learning curve or a poor user interface, so ensure that the human resources team is comfortable with the user experience.
  • Will it be able to scale with you? Businesses that are likely to grow need software that can accommodate more users and more data over time.
  • Does it fit within your budget? There’s no need to unnecessarily fork out cash you don’t have – HR database software comes at a variety of price points, so make sure to find a healthy medium.
  • What security and privacy measures does it have in place? Since you’ll be storing sensitive data on your employees on the software, you won’t want to play things fast and loose. Find out what sort of security and privacy policies it has in place to protect that information.
  • What are their current users saying? For raw and real insights, you won’t want to miss reading about current business experiences with the product. 

The Top 7 Employee Database Software

We’ve done the work and sifted through all the dime-a-dozen programs to reveal the top seven employee record software options. Let’s go through these gems:

  1. Fibery
Building any employee database is like child's play
Building any employee database is like child's play

Fibery doesn’t put businesses or their processes in a box – and that means you’ll never outgrow it. Rather than provide stiff workflows, this software is flexible and customizable, allowing HR employees to play around with custom databases, charts, reports, whiteboards, and more to manage their HR processes.


  • Adaptable and can be used as a one-stop shop for other business solutions.
  • Syncs with a variety of different integrations, making data even more consolidated.


  • Not classified as solely a HR database software.


Standard ($12/user/month) and Pro ($20/user/month), with 15% off annual billing.

  1. Bob
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Need a full-on HR platform that covers onboarding, hiring, payroll, and time off processes? Bob is an HR database software for managers and employees to handle core HR processes. Employees can access key information, the HR team can get full visibility of the business, and managers can get the insights they need to manage.


  • Not a one-trick pony – it’s a useful end-to-end solution.
  • Employees can access it too, with tools to report workplace concerns, clock in and out, and manage time off.


  • Pricing plans aren’t transparent – each business gets their own custom pricing.


Unavailable to the public.

  1. Deel
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Deel is the ideal program for remote, international businesses. With this global HR platform, companies can enjoy an easier, more streamlined experience when it comes to managing a global team. Rather than deal with a patchy HR system, Deel offers a complete solution with equipment distribution, EOR, organizing contractors, and handling global payroll and compliance. 


  • Deel makes international hiring and management simple, whether you’re hiring in London or Indonesia.
  • No monthly fees or setup costs for the base HR program.


  • Stringent focus on international employment might mean less value for traditional businesses.


Deel HR is free, but contractor management is $49/month, Deel EOR starts at $599/month, and you’ll need to request custom quotes for Deel Immigration and Deel Payroll.

  1. Breezy
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With its fitting name, Breezy aims to make your HR operations a breeze. While it has the tools you need to attract, qualify, and hire candidates, there’s also an emphasis on performance reviews, goal setting, and feedback and recognition instead of simply focusing on administrative checklists.


  • Automated workflows that take care of repetitive work.
  • Very scalable – four plans with more advanced features the higher the tier.


  • Analytics might not live up to other systems in the market.


Bootstrap (Free with limited capabilities), Startup ($189/month), Growth ($329/month), and Business ($529/month) for monthly pricing. Annual pricing includes 2 months free. Performance tools with their Perform tool are priced separately.

  1. Zoho People
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Zoho tackles all aspects of business, including finance, service, legal, and more. Zoho People is one of the many human resources software they offer for small businesses and enterprise-level companies alike. It’s a jack-of-all-trades HR platform that touches on recruitment, onboarding, payroll, HR analytics, time and attendance, and employee development and engagement.


  • Features expand beyond just core HR tasks and look at helping keep employees engaged and proficient.
  • Embedded corporate learning management system for skill building.


  • Integrations are mainly apps within the Zoho ecosystem.


Essential HR ($1.50/user/month), Professional ($2.50/user/month), Premium ($3.50/user/month), Enterprise ($5/user/month), People Plus ($10/user/month). Discounts on annual billing.

  1. BambooHR
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BambooHR is a staple in HR – they let businesses combine all their essential HR system into one platform, including payroll, benefits, time tracking, hiring and onboarding, and reporting. Its seamless UI and robust features make it so it’s easy to adopt and use. They know that the devil’s in the details, but that details can become overwhelming; thus – they strike that perfect balance.


  • Detailed reporting features with 49 built-in reports.
  • Interconnected workflows with visual timelines and dashboards.


  • Limited customizability that caters to broad HR needs.


Core and Pro plans both require requesting a price quote.

  1. GoCo
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Run a small or mid-sized business? GoCo aims to act as a stand-in for in-house expertise you might not have relating to HR functions and compliance. If you’re not so much looking for free reign and highly tailored and want more rigidity and guidance, then it can certainly help whip your systems into shape.


  • Detailed benefits management system.
  • Magic Docs tool to create, send, and sign all HR-related documents.


  • Complex pricing


Base plans include Premium HR, Premium HR + Benefits Admin, Premium HR + Payroll, and Premium HR + Benefits Admin + Payroll. You then get to pick your add-ons, like Recruiting and Performance Management, and have to receive a custom quote from the sales team.

The PM’s Hot Take 

Too many businesses seek out software that helps them handle things like project management, accounting, and content, but not enough look at HR database software as an essential. Since HR is so complex, this mistake can cost them in terms of efficiency and accuracy. 

When businesses gloss over HR software, the amount of manual time spent on tasks like record-keeping becomes excessive. With so many types of employee record software out there that provide something unique, you’d be a fool to miss out on them. What’s special about Fibery is that we don’t mold your business to fit the software – we ensure that the software we have fits you. While you can use Fibery for all sorts of HR processes, it’s also fantastic for project and product management, user research, and more.


So, why struggle to bring together all parts of the complete HR ecosystem? The right employee database software will establish a single source of truth for employees and managers, changing office management forever.

Ready for a change in your HR processes? Give Fibery a whirl and watch it happen before your eyes. Try before you buy and start your 14-day free trial today.


Q: What is an employee database software?

Rather than drown in paperwork, employee database software provides the centralized system you need to store and manage employee information – from personal details to performance records with your company.

Q: How do I create an employee database?

You’ve got options if you’re looking to create an employee database. Business folks who don’t need the complexity of a paid HR platform can try Google Sheets or Excel, while those craving flexibility and multi-purpose platforms can go for Fibery. There are also plenty of traditional HR database software options like Breezy and BambooHR for comprehensive solutions.

Q: What is the best employee management software?

Finding the best employee management software really just means finding a match for your specific business. Depending on the size, nature, and needs of your business, certain software will be more appropriate than others. As a small business, for example, you aren’t going to want to choose the flashiest and more expensive option but rather a user-friendly tool with the essentials done well.

Q: Which HR software is used by Microsoft?

Microsoft, being the massive tech giant it is, has naturally got its own suite of software for HR operations – Dynamics 365 Human Resources. It’s an online workspace that simplifies training, compensation, benefits, and employee experiences, providing features like robust insights and employee self-service tools to get a better grip on business HR.

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