Meeting Notes & Action Items Template

Meetings template overview

Use this meeting template to create a meeting agenda, capture the main talking points, set and track the action items.

  • Never discuss the same things twice: keep everything documented and store all the info in one template.

  • Convert notes into action items in two clicks and keep an eye on the progress on the Kanban board.

  • Collaborate in real-time, mention teammates, and assign tasks.

I'm ready to meet & plan 📝

What can this Meetings template do?

It can dance and sing! 💃🏼 That was unexpected, huh? Ok, for sure it can't, sorry for this lame joke.

Still, it's the ultimate and 100% adaptable tool suitable for many processes including meetings planning and management. It allows you to plan and schedule meetings, document and organize your meeting notes or meeting minutes, create action items and track their progress.

Work off your meeting agenda

Not only does a meeting agenda put everyone on the same page and helps you not to waste meeting time, but it's also a perfect outline for your meeting notes.

Create an agenda from scratch for every meeting or set up an agenda template for recurring meetings.

Capture meeting notes

Summarize important info and make quick references to ideas, OKRs, product features, and any other topic that was covered in your meeting.

Then link parts of conversations to corresponding tasks, features, competitors, or insights. Use the full power of backlinks 🐱‍👤 and find all the linked conversations from features, ideas, competitors entities as well.

Set action items and track their progress

Highlight parts of your meeting notes and convert them into action items in seconds. Add assignees, key metrics, description, files, and comments.

Track the tasks progress on a simple Kanban board. It's now as simple as Open → In progress → Done, but you can add more statuses if you need them.

Store all the conversations

Your meeting notes are part of your team's knowledge. Have a transparent meetings archive that you and your team can always turn to (it's also super handy for those happier folks who missed the meeting 😉).

And many more things

Create a calendar view to see the upcoming meetings or focus on the present moment 🧘 and create a separate table that shows only meetings for today.

If you want to be more formal and document meeting minutes, just this template into a meeting minutes template. Just add custom fields with attendees or teammates who are absent, duration, link to a meeting recording, etc — and you're done.

Who is this template for?

For all those who dislike it when a meeting just leads to even more meetings and doesn't result in any action item. 🙅🏼‍♂️

The template is perfectly suitable for all meeting types, be it a project meeting, board meeting, standup meeting, 1 on 1, or recurring weekly team meeting.

It can be used for both offline and online meetings. We bet any distributed team (like Fibery) will love it for real-time collaboration and centered organizational knowledge.

The Meetings template was made with your entire team in mind. For your convenience, you can add a separate category for each company process (Product, Sales, Development, HR, etc), and tag each conversation for further filtering and sorting.

Let's have a productive meeting 🐱‍🏍

How to use the Fibery Meetings template?

That's super simple! From the start, you have just two different Databases: Meeting, and Action Item.

These Databases can be visualized as you want. From the start, you have two views: the meetings table and the Action Items board. Here are some ideas of what to add when you get up to speed: Today's Meetings, Previous Meeting, Latest Meetings, Meetings Calendar, Tasks Progress Report.

Here is how you can use this template, step by step:

  1. Create a new meeting from the Meetings table: add its name and date.

  2. Click on the meeting entity to open it and add the agenda.

  3. Invite your meeting attendees to Fibery to stay on the same page and collaborate on the agenda or write notes together in real-time (coz that's the point, right?).

  4. Add meeting notes on the go or right after the meeting.

  5. Create a list of action items, assign people and track the progress on the Kanban board. Add points your want to discuss at future meetings in order not to forget them.

Use Meetings template 😎

Demo and Concierge service

Prefer a live conversation to reading? Contact us via Intercom to schedule a demo, and our Customer Success gal, Polina (a.k.a. Super Polina) will show you the tool and answer all your questions.

If you are a Product team, enjoy our free concierge support 🦸‍♀️ that includes help with account setup and customization, data migration, and team onboarding for free.

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