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Should You Watch Product Managers on TikTok?

We’re all tired of stuffy LinkedIn posts and dry blog articles about product management. Time to freshen things up a bit.

TikTok, surprisingly, is filled with product managers sharing quick tips, relatable experiences, and even a dose of humor.

In this article, we’ll:

  • Show you the best PM TikTok accounts to follow
  • Figure out why you should follow them in the first place
  • Explain what to be aware of for Product Managers’ TikTok content

Let’s dive right in!

Why bother following product managers on TikTok?

Now, the thought of product management advice on TikTok might initially seem a bit… odd. TikTok is not the first place you think of when looking for high-quality PM content.

But before you swipe away, let’s consider a few reasons why TikTok might be the perfect place to be a better product manager.

Practical, Actionable Tips

Many TikTok PMs focus on specific skills and tools.

You might find a 30-second demo of a prototyping tool far more useful than reading a lengthy article about it. Or a quick explanation of how to run an effective user interview might be just what you need before your next session.


Relatable Struggles and Wins

Product management is full of ups and downs.

Okay, mostly downs with a few tired jump attempts.

TikTok creators often share their real-life experiences, from the thrill of a successful launch to the frustrations of a failed experiment.


This honesty builds camaraderie and reminds you that you’re not alone in the challenges you face.

Inside Perspectives

While polished case studies have their place, TikTok offers a peek behind the curtain.

You’ll see snippets of team meetings, design brainstorms, and stakeholder presentations that reveal the messy, human side of building products.

These glimpses can be both reassuring and inspiring.

Career Insights

If you’re new to product management, following experienced PMs on TikTok gives you a window into different career paths within the field.

You’ll discover specializations, industry trends, and what a typical “day in the life” might actually look like.

Take TikTok PMs with a grain of salt

TikTok is a fantastic source of inspiration and quick-hit advice. However, you might approach the content with a critical eye. Here’s why:


Complex product management concepts can’t always be fully explained in 30 seconds.

TikTok advice is a great starting point but often requires further research or exploration to apply effectively to your situation.

And you know where you can find the best product management advice? I’ll let you guess now and proceed to the next section:

TikTok thrives on what’s new and popular.

That means solid, foundational PM skills might get less airtime than the latest buzzworthy tool or methodology.

Remember, the fundamentals are always important. Unless you’re trying to go viral on TikTok, of course.

Individual Experiences

What works brilliantly for one PM or company might not be right for you.

TikTok excels at sharing personal experiences, but your team’s dynamics, product niche, and constraints will be unique.

So, beware of using “I saw this on TikTok” as an argument during a team meeting. You might receive some looks that do not scream “end-year bonus.”

Potential for Bias

TikTok PMs are just like any other TikTok stars – they cooperate with brands on sponsored content.

If you see your favorite Product Manager enthusiastically promoting a piece of software, just remember that it might be a sponsored post.

Jumping straight into a tool after seeing someone on TikTok promoting it might backfire. Seek out a variety of voices and do independent research before jumping headfirst into a new tool or approach.

Entertainment Factor

In the end, the best TikTok creators make content both informative and entertaining.

With a significant bias towards entertainment to keep the social metrics in check.

Remember, just because a video is funny or engaging doesn’t automatically make the advice top-tier.

Top 5 Product Managers on Tiktok

Here’s a list of the most interesting 5 product manager accounts we’ve found on TikTok:

1. @kproductmanager – 55K followers

Kproductmanager focuses on the intricacies of product management within the tech industry, sharing insights on job applications, interview preparations, and career transitions.


The content typically covers effective strategies for securing tech jobs, moving from engineering to product management, and mastering job interviews.

He provides practical advice, often centered around enhancing career prospects in technology and product management.

2. @paula.barr.tech – 38.7K followers

Paula Barr offers a blend of personal insights and professional tips in the tech world, particularly aimed at budding product managers.


Her videos often discuss the day-to-day responsibilities of a product manager and share advice on navigating the tech industry. She uses her platform to demystify complex tech concepts and bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders.

3. @cherie.brooke – 120.1K followers

Cherie Brooke takes a narrative approach to product management, focusing on storytelling to enhance user experience and product design.

Her content is rich with examples of how finding the core problems that the product solves can be effectively integrated into product strategy to engage users and improve product adoption.


4. @alex_the_pm – 54.7K followers

Alex provides a deep dive into the daily tasks of product managers.

Her content often features breakdowns of common product management tools, methodologies, and the most crucial aspects of a product manager’s job:


Alex aims to help viewers understand the ins and outs of working as a product manager in a tech company.

5. @jakerosenthal_ – 39.9K followers

Jake focuses mostly on AI content and the technical aspects of building an AI application.


The insider’s viewpoints help his followers understand how working at an AI company looks. Plus, they learn a lot about AI from his deep dives on the latest news from that niche.


TikTok might not be your traditional source of professional development, but it’s worth exploring. The PMs we’ve highlighted offer a starting point. Keep searching, discover voices that resonate with you, and use this platform as a tool for inspiration.

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