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Democratizing Tool Development: Fibery's Take on AI

We are on the edge of revolutionary changes in human-machine interactions.

We are just starting to grasp the new level of abstraction between humans and machine → real natural language interface. While natural language toys existed years ago, we now have real tools that can be used to build helpful solutions.

Although Large Language Models are not super-smart and cannot even count words in a document, they can generate text with impressive accuracy based on human prompts. It appears this is all we need to help humans build complex tools using no-code building blocks and operate tools easier and faster, thus dramatically increasing productivity in some areas and hopefully generating more insights.

Many productivity vendors are now incorporating AI Assistants into their software, and Fibery is no exception. However, we have our own vision for how this will change your work patterns. Today, we are releasing several AI tools that will affect your productivity. Let me share these tools and our broader Fibery + AI vision with you.

Build tools

To build something useful in Fibery, a user should have a detailed understanding of all building blocks, including Databases, Fields, Relations, Views, Formulas, and Rules. Learning these components can take hours, and building a serious tool in Fibery may require days of effort.

With natural language, users should know only high-level concepts without much detail.

Is it possible to do build your Fibery workspace just by asking AI Assistant? Not yet, but, we’ve made the first bold step. Now you can:

🍄 Create new Space automagically

You are a domain expert, not Fibery. Now you can explain your domain to Fibery AI Assistant and it can create a new space with databases, relations, fields, views and even some overview document in several minutes. Here is how it works:

It is so much fun to use! You provide some brief domain explanation, even super short as “Personal CRM”, and observe how Fibery creates a solution that usually makes sense and serves as a good starting point.

Try for yourself and experience this magic moment when you see some unexpected databases created, connected together and filled with sample data.

What’s next?

In future releases we will focus on tools building and you will be able to:

  • Create View from a brief description and generate surprisingly useful reports from your data.
  • Create formulas and rules without a user guide.
  • Communicate with Fibery AI to build tools and iterate to get better results.

Operate tools

Building tools is fun, but only creators will do it (even with natural language it can be a barrier for usual users to get the main concepts and go for it). Operating tools is what will affect most of the people.

🤓 Text AI Assistant

This is what almost all AI Assistants are doing right now. They are helpful already and we learn how to embed them into our daily usage patterns.

Fibery AI Assistant is not unique, but it does have some cool details:

  • 💬 Chat-like interface mixed with our unique panel navigation helps to iterate and get what you want faster.
  • 🔒 You can create your own private commands that nobody sees, or create public commands that all people will see and use.
  • 🎣 You can use database fields in your commands and create clever command templates.

Here is the brief demo of Fibery AI Assistant:

👽 AI + Automations

AI in Automations can be a huge time saver. Fibery AI works with some basic fields, like text and number, and with rich text field templates. You can use it for many cases, like:

  • Automatically summarize Intercom conversations and create Feed View to read them.
  • Calculate sentiment score for all intercom chats and spot problematic conversations.
  • Extract Country, Zip Code and Address from some text and fill fields for Contact.

What’s next?

We are working on a knowledge assistant. Fibery AI Assistant will know all your Fibery data and it will be possible to ask questions around it. Imagine the following things:

  • Find Features similar to this feature.
  • Find some features or insights I can link this text to.
  • Show me all meetings I am having tomorrow.


There is a lot of hype around AI. I don’t like hype in general, but we discovered that AI can dramatically change our users experience and provide so much value in nearest future.

  • With Fibery, you will not need to have extensive knowledge to build your own tools quickly. This simplifies the process and allows more people to become creators, democratizing tool development.
  • AI helps to convert unstructured data into structured. This is the very complex and important problem in knowledge management.
  • AI helps to extract information from data and connect information. Connections drive insights and new discoveries.

We are pragmatic and were reluctant to jump the AI train early, but after our experiments we are certain that AI can provide tremendous value right now, and this will be one of the major application of our effort in the near future.

Try Fibery AI features and give us your human feedback.

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