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Fibery — connected Workspace for Teams 🦑

Since creating our first productivity software back in 2004, we’ve observed hundreds of companies collaborating online.

Why one more tool?

It’s time to unify.

Despite the increasing variety of tools, cross-team collaboration has been a widespread pain in the ass. In fact, it’s been a pain because of the variety: every team uses a different app that barely talks to others. Teammates have a hard choice: juggle tools several times a day or lose valuable context.

♨ Not cool.

So we’ve embarked on a multi-year reckless journey to build a workspace that:

  1. Provides each team with a nice collaboration space.
  2. Connects teams and workflows with zero extra effort.
  3. Doesn’t require 17 consultants to configure.

Our journey from 2016: 💩 Interactive prototype → 🐶 dogfooding → 💌 private beta → 🎢 public beta. And today we 🎊 officially launch Fibery on Product Hunt.

Connect teams online

It’s time to bring teammates closer to each other.

The farther teams are from each other, the closer their tools should be.

While social distancing is now great for people, it sucks for collaboration software.

Zapier and Integromat are good at bridging the gap between tools. However, it is extremely hard to build reliable 2-way integrations between collaboration software. Dozens of tools + dozens of integrations is a complicated solution. Is there a better one? Is it possible to create a holistic system that connects many workflows and demands three times fewer integrations? Can we replace dozen of tools with a single one? Can we make it customizable and process agnostic?

Yes, we can. Fibery is a connected workspace for connected teams.

Cut non-essential costs

It’s time to save cash on subscriptions.

This is when an all-in-one create-it-yourself tool like Fibery shines. Yes, it comes with only 70% of the functionality of a full-blown CRM or a fancy OKR tracker. Yes, it requires a couple of hours to make it right for an organization. But it’s not a big price to pay in order not to pay a big price (sorry).

Provide each team with its own space

It’s time to adapt.

Fibery is a process-agnostic platform. Try new processes and evolve — Fibery will adapt. In Fibery you create collaboration tools tailored to your team’s unique ways of working.

Process-opinionated tools make organizations rigid.

No expensive consultants, no months-long development — Fibery embraces the no-code approach and provides makers with a set of building blocks. If you can explain how your team works to a 12-year old, you can create a useful app in Fibery.

  • It’s time to unify.
  • It’s time to bring teammates closer to each other.
  • It’s time to save cash on subscriptions.
  • It’s time to adapt.

Now, go create a workspace at https://fibery.io/sign-up and let us know how it goes 🦋.

P.S. We’ve just launched on ProductHunt. You know what to do.

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