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Fibery Raises $3.1M Seed Round to Build a Second Brain for Teams

Have you ever thought about team productivity? What does it really mean? How do we measure it? Most vendors promise to save time (up to a day every week 😑), but what will you do with more time? Time is just one dimension of productivity. However, most teams are doing creative work nowadays, and time is not always the problem. On many occasions, we have plenty of time but produce zero value.

This year at Fibery we had many internal conversations around productivity. We believe our industry has hit a ceiling with time-saving productivity tools. Productivity tools have become a commodity: pick any, and it will do its job reasonably well. We had moments of frustration. Why should we build another tool? Should we just stop?

Insights are new productivity

Then we started to think about another dimension of productivity — insights or aha-moments.

We define teams’ productivity as quantity and quality of insights.

Most team productivity tools help to answer simple questions, like “Who is doing what?”, “When do we plan to complete this?”, “What is the status of the task?” These insights are useful but shallow.

Imagine a tool that helps you to answer impossible questions, like “What should we work on next?” This question is easy to ask, but we still rely on our intuition to answer it. Or a question “Why we are doing this task at all?” Answers to these questions boost team motivation and sense of purpose. These insights are deep.

Imagine a tool that combines work management and knowledge management, so you can accumulate information, invent things together, and jump from ideation to execution. Imagine a second brain for teams.

We are building such a tool.

A second brain for teams

Programmers have their IDE. Designers have their IDE. But most knowledge workers don’t. For example, product managers use many disconnected tools to create static specifications that lack context. Why is there no IDE for product managers? Why is there no IDE for lawyers? Their best tool is a doc with redlining. Why is there no IDE for market researchers? They use spreadsheets and build reports in PowerPoint.

There are so many issues with the status quo approach. Tools are disconnected — and they disconnect teams. Tools can’t handle the complexity of modern problems. Tools don’t amplify thoughts and don’t help teams to generate insights. Modern teams are ready to tame the complexity of the modern world, but they lack the tools.

This was a revelation moment for us, and we solved our existential crisis (for now 😅). We, at Fibery, are helping teams solve complex problems. We’re building a platform where teams play with information, connect the dots, and use emojis heavily 😎. Essentially, we’re building a second brain for teams.

We believe that a single “good enough” connected tool makes a company more intelligent than many “tailored” but disconnected tools.

We are happy to announce that today we closed a $3.1M seed round led by Altair Capital. It will help us to move forward faster and with more confidence.

At this point, most startups say that “this is just the beginning”. It’s not a beginning for us, but we are focused, committed, and passionate. We will build in public, share our insights and screw-ups, and move forward every day. At least a little. Follow us.

P.S. We are hiring.

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