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Form View in Fibery

Quite often people want to capture information without Fibery access: issues and bugs, requests, job applications, surveys for customer research, etc. Finally, it is possible with the brand-new Form View! 😍

Create Form View for any Database in any Space, configure fields, define names and default values for fields, and mark fields as required.

Create Form View in any Space for any Database.
Create Form View in any Space for any Database.

Share Form View and send a link to users or add it to your website. Any person can fill out the form and a new entity will be created in the Fibery database as a result.

Share Form and send a link to anyone to fill and create new entites in Fibery.
Share Form and send a link to anyone to fill and create new entites in Fibery.

How to create Form View

Form View is a… View, so you can create it in the same way in any Space. Check the super quick Form View tutorial or watch the video that shows how to do it in three simple steps:

We already use Forms for our own needs, here are some examples:

Tips and Hints

Here are some hints that will help you to create a useful form.

Use default values in Rich Edit fields to capture additional info

Sometimes you don’t want to add new fields to the database to capture some info, in this case, you can capture it into a single rich edit field.

Here we have a Description rich edit field with some questions, so a user can answer these questions inline.

rich edit default

Use hidden fields to set some fields automatically

In some cases, you just want to hardcode values in fields. For example, you can create a checkbox “Created via Form” and mark it in a Form View.

hidden fields

You can use it in automations to execute some actions for entities created via form view.

Create a meaningful form description

You can explain why the form should be filled out and include some links to useful pages.

form description

Create a separate database to capture form results

You can collect data into an existing database, but in some cases, it is better to create a new database. For example, we created a separate Application database to collect requests for Startups, Educational and Nonprofit organizations.

Then we linked the Application database to the Account database in our CRM Space and set up Slack notifications for every new Application. Thus we are not overloading the Account database and can create better Form Views.

application database

Go ahead and try new Form View, then share your feedback with Fibery Community!

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