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Product Marketing Designer (remote Job)

Why Fibery?

Fibery is an all-in-one tool for product teams and more. Think the best of Airtable, Coda, Productboard, Miro, Google docs, done under one roof, Fibery roof. Bringing the teams together, making processes transparent, knowledge discoverable and, eventually, augmenting organizational intelligence.

Read about how we are building the product-market fit in our Diary.

We are looking for a Designer to join our marketing team. You might also touch the product, but it’s pretty unlikely any time soon as it’ll get busy. Fibery is on the way to product-market fit and we need help telling our potential customers how the product is different and valuable. You’ll be responsible for shaping the presence on the web and developing our visual language further.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This role is largely about impeccable natural taste in design, creative mind, art love, but also supporting a variety of channels to build brand consistency. The team got used to being proud of the content we produce and the internal standards are really high. Previously, our design was driven by truly timeless inspiration like Suprematism, Malevich, Gerd Arntz icons, and the artifacts of the seventh century Sutton Hoo excavation. What are you inspired by?

You will

  • Work closely with the marketing and product team to support the look and feel of the Fibery website
  • Collaborate with marketers and product leads to create campaigns that convert
  • Make videos, animated website components, social content, ads visuals, and more

Who you are

  • You have 3+ years of professional graphic design experience for websites
  • Have spoken English.
  • You like to dig into arts and crafts or just love review other designers work

About us

The team is 20 people, mostly R&D, think radically honest culture, really friendly team though. Feel the impact — we’re still small enough for you to make a difference in a crowded work management space. Remote: work from anywhere, choose the place where you feel the happiest. And more!

If you’re interested, please tell us about yourself at new@fibery.io. Also, feel free to ask any questions.


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