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Fibery 2.0 From a Current Customer's Perspective

This post is for current Fibery customers in the first place.

I spent 20 years of my life on team productivity tools. When you work on a single problem for 20 years, you accumulate some knowledge and build an intuition about the ideal solution. With Fibery 1.0, we wanted to build a very flexible work management tool from the first principles. And we’ve built it.

Fibery is insanely flexible and bendable.

Our customers started to use Fibery for so many things: from product development to financial tracking, from CRM to content production, from company knowledge base to HR. We learned that Fibery can replace many tools and bundle many processes together. When you feel how easy it is to jump between processes in a single tool, find information fast, exchange ideas, plan, execute, and unite company processes under a single roof, there is just no way back.

But there is a caveat. Fibery 1.0 has no single winning use case. Fibery’s power is in combination with many use cases, so time-to-value is long and onboarding is hard. Thus last year we decided to focus on fewer coherent problems first.

And we’ve built Fibery 2.0 — product discovery & development platform.

What is Fibery 2.0 for a current customer?

In short, all existing functionality is intact, nothing is removed, and some things are added. With Fibery 2.0 we are introducing two major areas: Highlights and Fibery AI.

Something about Highlights

Fibery is about connecting information, and Highlights is a novel way to connect text to structured databases. Let me use an analogy to explain what Highlight is.

Most likely you have a Kindle, and maybe sometimes you select interesting parts of the book you read. This selection is a Highlight. Now imagine you can add some attributes to this selection (how important it is, for example). Finally, you can connect this selection to your knowledge base, like to some tag, an idea you have in mind, or to an article you want to write.

We invented a way to capture information from rich text field in a Source entity and connect it to a Target entity via multi-relations. Highlights is a database, so you can augment it with additional information, like severity or urgency, create formulas and automations for Highlights, find highlights via Search, create Views with highlights, create Reports with Highlights, and see Highlights on a Whiteboard.

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We ourselves just started to scratch the surface of this powerful connectivity tool.

Here are some use cases we have in mind, and we believe you will invent more:

  • Product feedback management. Capture facts from Intercom chats and customer calls, and connect them to product features or areas.
  • User research. Capture observations from user interviews, and connect them to insights or problems.
  • Market research. Capture information about the market from web posts and newsletters, and connect it to niches, opportunities, etc.

Check this video to see the product feedback management use case powered by Highlights. It is a product manager’s dream.

It is not possible to utilize both Link-to-entity and Highlights functionality in the same workspace, so you need to decide if you want to migrate to Highlights. The upgrade option is available on all plans and is completely free.

Upgrading to Highlights is not mandatory for existing workspaces, though please note that all the new workspaces have only the Highlights option.

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Fibery AI: next iteration

We introduced Fibery AI last year and listened to your feedback. We are releasing the next iteration of Fibery AI. Now it can do more things:

  • Transcribe audio and video files
  • Suggest Highlights in sources and target entities
  • Answer questions about your Fibery data (soon)
  • Find patterns and clusters in your Fibery data (soon)

We no longer ask you for an Open AI Key, Fibery AI Free is enabled by default. Fibery AI Pro costs $10 per user per month. Check the Fibery AI Pricing page.

The current version of Fibery AI with Open AI Key will be discontinued on August 1st. All such accounts will get Fibery AI Free by default.

Any pricing changes?

All current plans remain the same and the price stays the same. What changed then?

  • Fibery AI was introduced as a separate add-on.
  • Some permissions-related features are moved to the Pro plan, like Custom access templates. In the future, more permissions features will be a part of the Pro plan as well.
  • We’re introducing an Enterprise plan for large companies to enjoy closer collaboration with us.
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How about the future?

Our long-term vision is intact: we want Fibery to become an operation platform for any company with up to 1K people.

Now we are trying a new path to this vision via a more narrow niche and tightly coupled set of use cases. It means Fibery 2.0 is more about a concrete solution based on Fibery platform.

Our near-future development efforts will be focused on 4 themes:

  • Deepen use cases around feedback, prioritization, and other product discovery and development areas. Here you can expect more integrations (Linear, Salesforce), dependency management, and a public community portal.
  • Fibery permissions. We are going to close all missing pieces by the end of the year, so you will have unmatched flexibility to define who can see what and who can do what in Fibery databases.
  • Fibery polishing and improvements in different areas (Multiple Entity View, Whiteboards + Databases, Tables, etc).
  • Exploring how AI can assist in solving specific problems.

Join the Fibery 2.0 webinar where I will explain how Highlights change the way we collect product feedback, prioritize, and make decisions.

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