Fibery Special Pricing for Startups, Ukrainian Companies, and More.

Fibery special pricing for startups, Ukrainian companies, and more.

Weโ€™re building an open company that tries to share all kinds of knowledge, including ideas, mistakes, failures, and successes. We support Fibery users and customers as much as we can and want to provide great value for the money. But money is not everything (well, they are oxygen to run the company for sure).

Fibery has several special pricing plans that you may enjoy.

100% free for startups with ARR < than ours (for 1 year)

We love startups. For all relatively small or fresh startups we provide Fibery for free for 1 year (if your revenue is less than Fiberyโ€™s revenue).

Early-stage or small startups are money-sensitive, and we want them to enjoy modern all-in-one software for free. Stable startups that earn more than we do can afford to pay for the service, and we need to grow as well :) When Fibery grows and increases ARR, more and more startups can join our startup program. Neat! We hope that eventually, we can provide Fibery for free to all startups.

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Ukrainian companies support

Ukrainian companies operate in challenging conditions. In March 2022 we made Fibery free for all Ukrainian companies for the entire 2022, but the war is not over and conditions became even more challenging with all these insane strikes on critical infrastructure. We decided to extend this plan till August 24, 2023. After this date, Fibery will provide a 50% discount for all Ukrainian companies till 2030.

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50% discount for nonprofit & educational organizations

Non-profit and educational organizations usually donโ€™t have much money as well, so we provide a 50% lifetime discount for them. Education is what moves our world forward and we want to help here at least a little bit.

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Open source companies support

Yeah, open-source projects prefer open-source tools. Fibery is not like that. But we do love open source and want to contribute to this community. Fibery is 100% free for all open-source projects, so if you love what we do and want to use Fibery for your project, just let us know.

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P.S. If you think you desperately need a discount but donโ€™t fit any of these categories, ping us in Intercom, and we will figure something out ๐Ÿ˜‰.

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