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Automate and Integrate with Integromat

We have added Fibery to Integromat — a no-code automation and integration platform.

Connect Fibery to hundreds of tools like Slack, Pipedrive, or Gmail and let the machine do repetitive tasks for you:

Here are a few examples of what’s possible:

  • Get notified in Microsoft Teams when someone assigns you to a task in Fibery.
  • Sync new leads from HubSpot CRM to Fibery.
  • Create a new branch in Bitbucket when a user story progresses into a specific state in Fibery.

Bear in mind, the best way to sync data into Fibery is still via integration Types.

Integromat vs. Zapier

Fibery has a Zapier integration — so why adding another similar platform? Well, because you’ve asked for it, and your points were hard to refute:

  • 🦾 Integromat excels at non-trivial automations: multiple steps, data juggling, working with files.
  • 💸 Integromat is cheaper — compare with Zapier below: integromat pricing zapier pricing

Wow! Are there any reasons to stick with Zapier then? Yes:

  • ✨ Zapier has a nicer interface and a better UX, while Integromat feels like a tool by geeks for geeks.
  • 🐙 Zapier integrates with more tools.

The choice is yours. To be honest, we don’t care whether you use Integromat or Zapier, as long as you pay for Fibery it makes you and your team happy.

P.S. We’ve noticed that Integromat support is a recurring request thanks to our bi-directional links — you should try them too!

integromat back references

Getting started

So…how do you jump into this Integromat thing?

We’ve prepared a detailed walk-through, starting from a simple integration and progressing towards a 14-step monstrosity. It’s called “Every morning send each teammate a list of tasks that are due today via Slack”:

Here is the text version for boomers.

Oh, and Integromat has its own video tutorials and a user guide. Good luck!

Our Community is the perfect place to share your scenarios, suggest improvements, and ask for help.

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