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A Product Manager Who Writes

What is Fibery?

Fibery is a no-code product discovery & development platform. It connects processes like feedback management, product discovery, software development, research, etc, and helps teams to break through knowledge silos.

Our practical goal is to give product managers a tool that combines prioritization, feedback management, roadmapping, and many other, product management-related challenges.

Our long-term goal is to augment organizational intelligence. Basically, to help teams of knowledge workers solve problems that seemed insoluble before.

Who are we looking for?

Admittedly, this is a weird job posting. We need a PM who doesn’t necessarily work as a PM. Here’s the pitch:

Our content machine has been growing organically at a decent pace. We write about stuff like prioritization, roadmapping, feedback management - all that jazz.

What we dearly miss is a PM Who Writes.

We are looking for a seasoned product manager with a repulsive need to write (and share) their revolutionary, edgy, and snarky thoughts on any topic related to product management. On our blog, mostly.

What will you do?

  • Write 4-6 in-depth, bottom-of-the-funnel articles each month.
  • Take responsibility for our “PM’s Hot Take” section in each article (= write around 20-30 paragraphs each month).
  • You do you. Bring a unique voice rather than blend with our existing brand.
  • Work closely with our content manager and SEO specialist to find the right topics for our PM community.

Are you a good fit?

Ideally, yes. Otherwise, here’s a laundry list to reduce/propel your anxiety before applying:

  • You have a proven track record as a product manager in the B2B SaaS world.
  • You think Fibery is a great tool and are committed to pouring that passion into your writings.
  • You’ve worked with engineering, design, and product teams extensively and are aware of the pains and challenges of a PM.
  • You’ve worked with several product management tools (if you think Aha is a synth-pop band, please don’t apply).
  • You can recite the past half year’s Lenny’s Podcast guest list and their key talking points.
  • You are a native/near-native English speaker.

Are we a good fit?

If you are not jumped by our business exhibitionism and self-deprecating jokes, it’s a good start.

We are a team of around 30 people. We work remotely from Poland, Cyprus, Denmark, Belarus, Czechia, Finland, and Hungary. You are free to pick where and when you work, but there should be some intersection with working hours in Europe.

Since this is a part-time, contract-based opportunity, your exact compensation will depend on your preferred workload. We are happy to work out a per-article setup or a per-hour one. We work with freelancers and we have worked as freelancers well, so we want to work out something that makes both sides happy.

Hesitating? Sigh, you are tough to impress, but let’s try:

  • Working at Fibery as a PM-writer hybrid will feel like a homecoming. We build a tool for PMs. Our CEO has over 20 years of experience in the field, and our PMs rack up formidable knowledge in product management.
  • We are open to involving you more in the product side of things. Although this position is about writing for us as a PM, we believe that as a veteran expert, you will have invaluable insights into our product development.
  • With around 8k readers each month and growing, our blog gives you decent exposure in PM circles. If you’re lost amid the sea of Linkedin thought leadership content, the Fibery blog will be a haven for sharing and spreading your thoughts about product management.

OK, now what?

Drop a short email to new@fibery.io and tell us why you might (and might not) be a good fit. Please also drop a portfolio of some sort - we want to see your writings, be it Linkedin posts, ramblings on Medium, other guest blog writeups, newsletter, etc.

Stock cover letters won’t do — please tell us why you want this job, not just any job.

We have no recruitment managers, so it’s gonna be our head of marketing and a fellow content manager at the interview.

See you around 💪

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