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CLOSED / Content Marketer (SEO Focused)

What is Fibery?

Fibery is a no-code platform that companies use to create collaborative workspaces. By combining building blocks in different ways, creators make solutions for all kinds of companies: tech startups, digital agencies, and product companies.

Our mission is to augment organizational intelligence. Basically, to help teams of knowledge workers to solve problems that seemed insoluble before.

Our short-term goal is to become the best non-opinionated product management software. Therefore, our focus is primarily on product companies & product teams.

Who are we looking for?

We have a very strong engineering team and a very small and nimble marketing team with an internal design agency.

Currently our growth is mostly linear at its best, word of mouth being our best-performing (and least controlled…😩) acquisition channel. We want to increase the number of monthly leads by several times from 2024 onwards and find a stable acquisition channel connecting us with relevant people. Enter content marketing. 🤞

Our previous content attempts included hiring the “world’s best content marketing agency” (which failed miserably), posting to blog ignoring all the SEO techniques (which seems to make our ranking worse), and asking our clients to provide some content for us (which was quite good actually, but lacks exposure).

Now we want to put the proper effort into content strategy, creation, and distribution, so we are looking for a 🌟 with a proven track record of growing a business using content marketing distributed (mainly) via SEO.

What will you do?

  • Translate our overall marketing strategy into a (currently non-existent) long-form content plan.
  • Create guidelines and briefs for external writers (who should be recruited by you). Coordinate their work.
  • Ensure that our quality standards are met and give feedback relentlessly.
  • Work closely with an in-house SEO manager, who will be hired later this year. Until then, our head of marketing acts as an interim SEO manager.
  • Hear “where are my leads?” question often… 😅 (That’s the beauty of working closely with our HoM)

How does this role look like in a year? (Ideally)

  • You lead an internal team of 2-3 copywriters/editors and/or
  • You coordinate the work of 10-15 external writers/reviewers
  • Together with your SEO counterpart, you’ve reached topical authority in several subtopics in product management, resulting in tens of thousands of visitors a month (if you have to Google what topical authority is, please check out our other job openings…. 🙂)

How are we going to measure your performance?

  • Have we mentioned leads yet?
  • Well, we are not interested in any leads, we are interested in activated leads from our ICPs…
  • …who are coming mainly from organic traffic but we won’t complain if users come from other traffic sources. We promise.

What are the main challenges of this position?

  • As of now, we do not have a strong SEO traction. Although our head of marketing has been working on defining our SEO strategy, we have not validated it as a channel yet. However, its validation & getting traction is one of our top priorities.
  • There will be major product improvements in the upcoming 3-6 months that will unlock PMF in more product management-related use cases. Until then though, in some aspects we are lagging behind our main competitors.
  • We are a remote-first company with a holacracy-like management approach. To be successful at Fibery, you have to be a very disciplined executor. We grant the necessary resources & support; the rest is up to you. 🙂

Are you a good fit?

You are if you check most of the boxes:

  • Near native / fluent English
  • You can manage content creation and would not mind to create content on your own from time to time (although your focus should be on managing).
  • You know how to brief writers to meet SEO requirements, yet you always put the human readers first.
  • You already have proven experience in ramping up SEO traffic for (preferably) B2B websites. Bonus point for any prior experience in creating content on product management-related topics.
  • You have a nose for marketing bullshit.
  • You feel that you’d be pumped if your SEO results would become a case study on https://thefxck.com/ or mentioned by the likes of Eli Schwart, Matt Diggity & Co.

Are we a good fit?

If you are not scared off by our job description, business exhibitionism, and self-deprecating jokes, it’s a good start.

We are a team of around 30 people. We work remotely from Poland, Cyprus, Denmark, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. You are free to pick where and when you work, but there should be some intersection with working hours in Europe.

We offer:

  • Fully remote job with flexible working hours
  • $40-60K a year. (B2B)
  • Autonomy and some fun
  • 20 vacation days per year

What is the next step?

Drop the examples of your work at new@fibery.io and tell us why you might (and might not) be a good fit. Stock cover letters won’t do — please tell us why you want this job, not just any job.

We have no recruitment managers, so it’s gonna be our CEO, head of marketing, and a fellow marketing manager right from the first interview.

See ya! 😼

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