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CLOSED / Product Manager (remote, $40-60K/year)

What is Fibery?

Fibery is a no-code platform that companies use to create collaborative workspaces. By combining building blocks in different ways, creators make solutions for all kinds of companies: tech startups, digital agencies, and product companies.

Our practical goal is to replace a bunch of isolated tools and bring teams together into a single collaboration space. We are talking Trello + Google Docs + Miro or Productboard + Jira + Pipedrive, for example.

Our long-term goal is to augment organizational intelligence. Basically, to help teams of knowledge workers to solve problems that seemed insoluble before.

Who are we looking for?

The product has grown enough that we, Michael and Anton, cannot give all product areas love they deserve. We are looking for a product manager with a “tools for thought” background that will take over a few product areas of their choice.

Douglas Engelbart, Vannevar Bush, Ted Nelson, Bret Victor — if at least some of these names ring a bell, it’s a good sign. Notion, Airtable, Coda, Obsidian — if you’ve done useful things with at least one of these, please don’t close the tab 😅.

What will you do?

Are you a good fit?

  • You have a keen interest in productivity, collaboration, and knowledge management [tools].
  • You have led major features from inception to maintenance.
  • You use data to make decisions but don’t make a cargo cult out of it.
  • You’ve worked on B2B SaaS products before.
  • You are a fluent English speaker.
  • You write well and can show us some articles, feature specs, or tweets.

Are we a good fit?

If you are not scared off by our business exhibitionism and self-deprecating jokes, it’s a good start.

We are a small company of just over 25 people. We work remotely from 🇵🇱 🇨🇾 🇩🇰 🇷🇸 🇧🇾 🇨🇦. You are free to pick where and when you work, but there should be some intersection with working hours in Europe.

We offer:

  • Fully remote job with flexible working hours.
  • $40-60K a year.
  • Autonomy and some fun.
  • 20 vacation days per year

What is the next step?

Tell us why you might (and might not) be a good fit at new@fibery.io.

We have no recruitment managers, so it’s gonna be the founder and the fellow product manager right from the first interview.

See ya!

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