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1-3-5 Focus

The 1-3-5 rule is about effectively organizing personal (or team-level) work. By turning big targets into small bit-size pieces of work.

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Advanced workflow

This template demonstrates how to achieve a complex workflow that allows for the transitions between states to be defined.

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Daily Check-Ins

Replace daily meetings with daily check-ins, let people decide when to answer, and share their working context.

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The finance template allows you to plan a budget for the future and record transactions as they happen.

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Monitor your processes and the resultant changes to your inventory.

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Capture meeting notes during stand-ups, brainstorms, status meetings, you name it — and follow up on action items.

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OKR Tracking

Set ambitious objectives, track progress with measurable key results and connect OKRs to other Spaces to bridge strategy and execution.

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Project Management

Track good old projects, slice them into tasks (and even sub-tasks, sub-sub-tasks, …) and visualize work across projects and people.

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Shape up

Follow the Shape up process for product development: shaping, betting and building in a repeating cycle.

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Fibery templating

Automatically generate a set of entities (e.g. Tasks) based on predefined templates.

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