Test Management

Create, execute, and monitor tests

Write test cases and group them under a single test plan. When you're ready, run the plan, and assign users to the test executions.

Monitor progress on the test executions, and drill down to the individual test step results to find out what's passing and what's not.

Plan and run tests

Create a Test Plan to gather together Test Cases with a common theme. For each Test Case, create the necessary Steps, making it as easy as possible for a test engineer to follow these instructions. You can also specify the order of the Steps and add additional instructions to each Step.

When you finish creating the Test Plan, click on 'Run the plan' automation and a corresponding Test Run will be generated, including a Test Execution for each Test Case.

Btw, it's an example ☝ of how the Fibery Action Buttons and Automation Rules can be used to get rid of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Once Test Execution entities are generated, assign a user to each Test Execution, collect the results, and keep your fingers crossed that all the Step Results will get a ✅Pass!

Monitor tests progress

The overall outcome of a Test Execution is based on the outcomes of the individual steps: any failing step and the test is a fail 😥 but if all the steps have passed, hooray! 🍾

You can monitor overall progress with the pre-built Overview Report that gives you the latest Test Execution status for all your Test Plans.

You can also turn to Test Summaries Report to see details at the Test Run level and to the Test Execution level to quickly see which tests have failed, and which step caused the failure.

Install the Test Management template

What's next?

  • Perhaps you'll want to link your test cases to your user stories, tasks. Install out our Scrum template and connect your tests and user stories.

  • Check out our Daily Check-ins template if you have status meetings in your team and want to replace them with less time-consuming async daily check-ins.

  • 💌 Contact us via Intercom and we'll advise you how to map your unique process in Fibery.

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