Visualize trends and state using best-of-class custom charts and reports.
Why it's important? ☝️ Charts are weak in almost all work management tools, so you have to export data into an external system, like Tableau, and build charts there.
In Fibery reports are very close to Tableau in terms of power, so you can build insightful visualizations and understand trends better.


Fibery supports six types of graphical data representation: Scatterplot, Bar, Stacked Bar, Area, Stacked Area, and Lines. Chart editor is super powerful, just play with data to learn it.


Sometimes it is very useful to show aggregated data using tabular reports. If you combine tabular and chart representations you can compare a lot of key metrics in one place and get a dense information report.


Calculations is a powerful technique for data manipulation. You can apply some aggregations and post-aggregations to your data fields.


Create dynamic or static annotations to indicate milestones or threshold lines.

Some more of our best features

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