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Coordinate work of several teams and complete Sprints on time using Scrum process

This template is a place where several development teams work on Stories to complete Sprints on time 🤞 using Scrum process. Plan Sprints, track Sprints execution in Task Boards and Burn Down Charts, and customize everything for your own needs.

Plan and track Sprints

Plan the work by Team. Inside every Team you will see all common Scrum Views: Backlog, Sprint Plan, Task Board. You can start from here and then add your own Views for each team.

Have an overview with a "Work by Team" board that shows all Stories for all Teams.

✨ Hint: Visualise data as you want with customizable views.

Analyse Sprint execution

Create Burn Down or Burn Up charts. This is not so easy, but charts in Fibery are super flexible. Every Story has an "Effort To Do" field that should be updated with some regularity to get the chart right.

🧶 Hint: Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create Burn Down and Burn Up charts in Fibery.

Customize the process to your own needs

  • Don't need Teams? You can simply delete the Team Database, and then create the required Views (Backlog, Sprints, Sprint Planning).

  • Don't work in iterations? Just delete the Sprint Database and slightly re-configure the Views.

  • Want to track time? Track time manually or with a timer, roll up the time spent, and generate timesheets — check out our time tracking guide.

🧩 Hint: Fibery is very flexible and can reflect your organization better than any other tool.

Install the Scrum for Teams template

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