Customizable Views

Visualize your data using Board, Timeline, Table, List, Calendar, Feed, and Map view.
Why it's important? ☝️ Working with complex interconnected data is hard. It can't be done with a set of static views.
Fibery's set of interactive views helps you to look at the data from multiple angles and (hopefully 🤞🏼) get new insights. You can create Kanban Boards, Roadmaps, Work Hierarchies, Interview Calendars, Backlogs, and other useful views.


Create Kanban Boards (or get creative with your own boards). Drag and Drop. Display images. Group by rows and/or columns. Customize visible fields. Filter, sort, and color code.

Board view


Create Roadmaps (or visualize other things with duration). Display cards from multiple databases — Features, Content, Marketing tasks, etc. Group cards by lanes. Drag and drop items from the backlog. Set milestones. Edit cards. Zoom in/out to have a comfortable timeline scale. Filter, sort, and color code.

Timeline view


Just work with any data. Quickly edit everything. Copy and paste values (in batches!). Re-order rows and columns via drag and drop. Pin or hide columns. Filter, sort, and color code.

Table view


Create hierarchical backlogs (or visualize any hierarchical data). Have a list of any depth, like Products → Features → Tasks → Subtasks. Quickly create cards at any level. Drag and drop to change the hierarchical position. Filter on any level.

List view


Create calendars for everything you need: team meetings, user interviews, or releases. Switch to Month, Week, or Day view. Drag and drop to change dates. Add cards from the backlog. Filter, sort, color code.

Calendar view


Review incoming user feedback, scroll through notes (or display other cards with a rich edit field in a large format). Add cards from multiple databases. Choose which fields to display. Edit cards right from the view. Filter, sort, and color cards.

Feed view


Put customer locations, industry events, offices, or anything you want on the map. Display one or several databases. Set map style. Customize visible fields. visible fields. Quickly open cards by clicking a marker. Filter and color code markers.

Map view

🤓 Learn more

Check out the Help Guide on Views to master your data visualization and find the best view for the job.

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Do you lack a view or need a different functionality? Let us know via the chat in the bottom right corner — we will prioritize top requests.

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