Customizable Views
Visualize your work via all kinds of views: Board, Timeline, Table, List, Calendar.

Why it's important?

Working with complex interconnected data is hard. It can't be done via a set of static views.

Fibery provides you with a set of flexible tools to build your own interactive visualizations. You can create Kanban Boards, Roadmaps, Work Hierarchies, Backlogs, and other useful views.


Create Kanban Boards (or get creative with your own boards). Horizontal swimlanes. Drag and Drop. Filters. Sorting. Color coding. Customize visible fields.


Create Roadmaps (or visualize other things with duration). Group cards horizontally. Change duration and start/end dates via drag and drop. Filters. Color coding. Custom milestones.


Just work with any data. Quickly edit everything. Copy and paste values (in batches!). Filter. Color code rows. Sort.


Create hierarchical backlogs or visualize any hierarchical data. Quickly create cards at any level. Drag and drop to change hierarchical position. Filter on any level.


Create calendars for everything you need (meetings, interviews, blog posts schedule). Monthly, weekly and daily views. Drag and drop to change dates. Color coding. Suffering.

Some more of our 💪-est features

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