Custom domain & connected processes
Build flexible models for your connected processes: custom Databases, custom fields, custom relations.

Why it's important?

In many other tools, you have to adapt to their terminology and limited structures (and suffer). In Fibery you build your own solution using your own terms (and suffer less).

Fibery can reflect your organization better than any other tool.

Custom Databases

In Fibery you design Spaces that reflect your working processes. You can add as many custom Databases as you want. For example, in CRM you may have Accounts & Contacts, while in Product Management you may have Products, Features, and Milestones. Nothing is fixed and you design it for your own needs.

Сustom fields

Build Databases with a set of custom fields. Fibery has them all: number, rich text, single-select, multi-select, date, workflow, assignment, and powerful formula.


Connect Databases in any possible way to connect processes. Fibery can reflect work hierarchies and processes relations easily.

Some more of our 💪-est features

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