Using the 1-3-5 Rule Correctly (+To-Do List Template)

The 1-3-5 rule is about effectively organizing personal (or team-level) work. By turning big targets into small bit-size pieces of work. That has both clear "how to" and "why"

On schedule (every week/month/etc.) we plan a goal, that has to be reached. Then we try to understand what will help us to reach this goal. And then plan a finite number of things to make the work done.

For better determination, we have these levels:

  • 1 Objective (main goal) turns into 3 Key Actions (our "how to")

  • Each Key Action contains up to 5 Tasks (real execution)

Ideas! 💡

This framework can be adapted to set:

  • Objectives per Team

  • Objectives per Department

  • Personal to-do list for teammates, to work on some deliverables or big initiatives like Success Plans.

Customize and implement your preferable prioritization systems with powerful Formulas, improve the workflow with Automations and ping us in the chat if you are missing anything 💖


There are also other approaches to this framework.

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