Employee Vacation Tracker Template

Vacations tracking template overview

Use this app to track Vacations, Sick Days, and unusual working days (working Saturday, for example) in your company.

  • Upgrade upcoming projects planning and forecast the team's capacity.

  • Keep the team aligned and easily notify teammates about days off. Have a real-time situation at any time.

  • Customize the process as you want: create reports, use filters, add formulas - it's way more than a regular excel template or a google doc.

Ok, let's add my next vacation 🌴

What can the Vacations and Sick time template do?

🔮 It helps to easily answer questions like: “Who will be on vacation next week?”, "Who overwork frequently and is even closer to the burnout than I am?", "Will we have enough capacity to be on time with this project?".

Store vacations Policy

Create a wiki to ease onboarding and store everything related to sick leave, overtime, days off, and remote work.

Visualize vacations as you want

Calendar, timeline, or table view - use whatever you like or all at the same time. See information for today, upcoming week, month, or even year. Filter and sort by duration, person, or anything else.

Create custom reports

Create custom reports to see how many vacation days you already used or how many annual leave days are left, who is the overtime champion, and what is the vacation schedule.

Use on the go

Fibery Vacations template + Slack = 💕

Install the Slack Bot integration to add a vacation or a sudden sick day right from Slack.

Who is this template for?

For all those who go on vacations (we hope that's you 🤠) and all those who overtime or get sick (we hope that's not you — please, take care 😷).

Whether you run a small startup or manage HR for a larger company, this Vacations and Sick Time tracking template will help you keep track of each employee.

How to use the Fibery Vacations template?

From the start, you have 3 different Databases: Day on, Vacation day, and Sick day.

These Databases can be visualized as you want. We did some initial job thought and created 5 handy views: Vacations Policy document, On Vacation Today table, Vacations calendar, Vacations timeline, and Recently Planned vacations.

Here is how you can make the most of it in several steps:

  1. Collect Vacation Policy information using an eponymous document. Add information about the number of sick days and vacation days your employees have, how to track overtime, and any other info like public holidays.

  2. Invite your team to the company workspace to make it a truly self-service vacation planning template.

  3. Get rid of the request form. Add Dayons, Vacations, and Sick Days right from Vacations Calendar, timeline, or board. Tick "Half day" for any of the above if needed.

  4. Tailor the process to your team. Add custom reports, and Slack integration.

Use Vacations template 😎

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Vacations Pro

Not only track vacations but also figure out how many days off each teammate has available taking weekends and public holidays into account.

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