Atlassian team health monitor

This template is based on the framework, created and used by Atlassian.

However, we pretend to make it better from the usage perspective. It's also highly customizable, so you can make more or less granular, change questions, and track cumulative progress.

This template was also adapted for partially remote or fully remote teams.

Some stats:

Optimal team size: < 8 people team

If your team consists of eight or more members, it can be helpful to break into smaller groups initially to assess each attribute. Later, regroup and collectively agree on the overall ratings for the entire team.

Average time, spent per teammate to fill in the form: 5-15 minutes

Average time, spent as a team on a reflection meeting: 30-60 minutes

What is the Atlassian Team health monitor framework about?

It's your team's opportunity for self-assessment. Evaluate your team based on eight key attributes commonly seen in healthy teams. After the Health Monitor session, you'll pinpoint strengths to leverage and areas for growth.

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