30-60-90 Onboarding Template

What is this framework about? 👀

The 30-60-90 onboarding framework is a structured method tailored for product companies to integrate new employees effectively. It spans three months, with milestones at 30, 60, and 90 days. This approach accelerates learning and engagement by progressing from foundational tasks to skill development and finally, to active contribution and ownership of responsibilities.

How Fibery helps? 🤔

Fibery makes the 30-60-90 onboarding plan work. The template saves manager's time by generating universal task sets for each new employee, helping them understand the company as a whole. Plus, you can easily see how things are going with tasks, so everyone stays on track. And if you ever wonder how tasks changed over time, Fibery keeps a record, so it's like a time-traveling task tracker!

How does Basic template differ from Pro? 🥷

In Fibery, Basic and Pro 30-60-90 onboarding templates are available.

The Basic template is ideal for small to medium-sized companies that don't frequently hire for similar positions. In this scenario, it would be enough to automatically generate universal onboarding tasks that overlap among new hires regardless of role and department.

The Pro template is ideal for medium to large-sized companies that frequently hire people for similar positions. In this scenario, it would be practical to automatically generate not only universal onboarding tasks but also position-specific onboarding tasks.

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