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This content calendar helps you plan and track all the content you create, from blog posts to podcasts to Twitter threads. You may plan any type of content by calendar moments, the platform you use for publishing, and content type.

Each item on the calendar/card on the board/row in a table is a unique card, with details about the author, type of content, and status. There you can store notes, research, multimedia, whiteboards, and write content.

Board View will help you to understand how many pieces of content you or your team are working on, and how Content moves through the stages of completion. Calendar will help to better plan publishing schedule.

You can set your custom statuses, to adapt the template to your team's needs.

If anything is missing, you can add it anytime - to create a perfect structure for your particular case.

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Connect payments to customers and take their MRR into account when prioritizing feature requests.

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Business Model Canvas

Understand the business model of your product. Know your customers, value propositions, and how your product is going to win the market.

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Content Marketing

Generate ideas, collaboratively write articles, balance workload, and schedule publications — finally, in the same tool.

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Currency Exchange

Convert payments and salaries from one currency to another using historical exchange rates.

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Digital video production

Track video stages and grouped tasks. Write your scripts, brainstorm ideas, and add notes. Calculate budget and never miss deadlines.

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Event Planning

Stay on the top of your event process, track budget, and see which category is the most expensive!

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Sync HubSpot to Fibery, connect Companies to work, track Deals and Engagements.

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Influence Plan

This template has to help to organize and establish the right relationships. Based on SuccessCoaching course.

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Influencer CRM

Keep track of cooperation with Influencers. Track Revenue and engagements from your ambassadors

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Invoice Management

Track invoices based on the received transactions across multiple Projects and Customers. Don't miss deadlines, track overdue status.

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Product Competitor Analysis

Review your competitor's features, check which competitor is the strongest in the particular area.

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Product LaunchCal

Improve coordination of several teams (development, support, marketing, etc) and set up a launch process.

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Product Marketing

Plan and invent marketing campaigns. Decompose campaigns into tasks and organize them in a way, that makes sense for your team.

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Sales CRM

Visualize sales pipeline, gather contacts of decision-makers and track customer-related activities with a lightweight CRM.

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Service CRM

Say goodbye to clunky and overwhelming software - Fibery provides a seamless experience to track your CRM

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Connect to other Spaces to get an up-to-date countries dropdown, slice sales by region, and add calling codes to local phone numbers.

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Get a single connected workspace where all teams are welcome.