Get started with User Research, Roadmapping, Software Development, and 20+ other processes faster with templates created by our team.
Why it's important? ☝️ It's just easier and faster to start from pre-setup process and customize it for your needs.
Keep in mind that everything that you see can be created from scratch.

Template Library

Browse the Template Library with templates handcrafted by the Fibery team and get started in minutes.

Template Library

Template Creation & Sharing

You can share your own Space (and even Workspace) with the world. Copy it for friends, community, customers, and partners, or just use this feature when you need to move Space from one Workspace to another. Add a custom description and choose if you want to include Entities or not.

Template Library

🤓 Check out the Help Guide on Sharing Space as a Template and Sharing Workspace as a Template.

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