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Why it's important? ☝️ Some people like to find things by browsing, but most people just want to search for them. Information is buried without search, but we want to dig out something useful.

Full-text Search

Just type some keywords and most likely Fibery will present some decent results. Fibery will look in Rich Text fields, Documents, Comments and Mentions, and the Name Field of Entities. Filter results by View, Database, or Space.

Quickly access recent items — by default, the search screen shows recently visited entities and views.

Full-text Search

🤓 Check out the Help Guide on Search.

AI Search

AI Search uses the meaning of the search query. It may find relevant results even if they don’t exactly match the query.

For example, here we have some fresh feedback and are not sure where to link it. You just select the quote and AI search finds the right insight right away.

🤓 Check out the Help Guide on AI Search.

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