Collaborative Documents
Mix documents with your work and keep them together.

Why it's important?

In Fibery document is not a separate thing. In fact, you can treat every entity as a document. For example, in many tools Feature has just a small text area. But it is not enough to create a good specification.

Fibery has a full-blown collaborative text editor, so you can write specs inside Features and create lower-level work from here.

Live Collaboration

Save nothing and never lose changes. Many people can work on a single document together without fear.

Fast Linking
and Work Creation

Create Roadmaps (or visualize other things with duration). Group cards horizontally. Change duration and start/end dates via drag and drop. Filters. Color coding. Custom milestones.

Changes history

Track all changes' history and understand who ruined your perfect document. Recover to the previous version if you want.

Some more of our 💪-est features

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