Collaborative Documents

Mix documents with work and keep them together.
Why it's important? ☝️ In Fibery document is not a separate thing. Each card has a full-blown collaborative text editor, so you can write specs inside Features and create lower-level work from here.

AI Assistant

Ask questions, edit text, and brainstorm ideas without leaving your doc. Create custom commands and make them private or share them with a team. Choose command temperature and control how predictable or creative the result will be.

Ai Assistant

🤓 Check out the Help Guide on Fibery AI Assistant in Rich Text and Docs.

Formatting & Embeds

Use headings, dividers, highlights, quotes, lists, and more. Add emojis and icons. Create multi-column layouts. Draw attention to specific parts of text with callout blocks. Mention people and add in-line comments.

Keep everything in one place and embed everything you want: images, videos, files, code blocks, and content from external services (YouTube, Figma, Miro, etc). Insert your Fibery views as well (yes, clickable and editable).

Formatting & Embeds

🤓 Check out the Help Guide on Rich Text editor.

Linking and Work Creation

Insert any entity in the text or highlight the text and link it to the entity — both actions will create a bi-directional link.

Select the text and turn it into an Action Item, Feature, Task, etc (one-by-one or in bulk from the list).

Linking and Work Creation

🤓 Check out the Help Guide on Rich Text editor and Bi-Directional links.

Document Navigation

Navigate large documents using the automatically generated table of contents. Quickly copy and give a link to the exact header in any document or entity.

Document Navigation

Nested Documents

Use nested documents to create a knowledge base, organize user research, or structure personal notes. Drag and drop to re-nest documents. Share nested documents with the world.

Nested Documents

🤓 Check out the Help Guide on Nested Documents.

Change history

Track changes for Documents and all Rich Text fields and understand who ruined your perfect document. Check the time of the change and the user who made the change, compare differences, and restore previous versions.

Nested Documents

🤓 Check out the Help Guide on Text History to learn more.

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