Map view
Map View works best to visualize entities with Location Field.

For example, you may visualize:

Accounts on a world map and quickly see in what country you have more customers and leads.

Customers you need to visit today in some City and think about the best routes.

Add Map view to a space

  1. Put mouse cursor on a Space and click + icon
  2. Select Map View from the menu

Configure Map View

You may display several databases and locations in a single map.

  1. Click Layers menu option.
  2. Click Add Database.
  3. Select Database.
  4. Select Location Field for the database.
  5. Add more databases with location fields if you need.

Set map style

  1. Click Map menu option.
  2. Select map style: Default, Monochrome or Satellite.

Open items

Just click on a marker on a Map view and Entity View will be opened on the right side.

Zoom Map View

There are several ways to zoom a map:

  1. Use + and - buttons on a map.
  2. You can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom map view.
  3. Double-click on the map. If you want to quickly zoom in on a particular area of the map, you can double-click on that area. This will zoom in on the location you clicked on.
  4. If you're using a touchpad, you can use the pinch and spread gesture to zoom in and out on the map. Simply pinch your fingers together to zoom out, or spread them apart to zoom in.

NOTE: Zoom state will be remembered, so when you visit the map again you will see the same zoom level.

In some zoom level items start to clusterize and display a total number of entities in this area.

Filter items

You may filter Items on Map View this way:

  1. Click Filter in the top menu.
  2. Select required properties and build filter conditions.

Color items

You may color code markers on a map to highlight some important things. For example, mark Paid Accounts with green.

  1. Click on Colors in the top menu,
  2. Set one or many color rules.


I store addresses in a Text field, how can I see them in a Map View?

Unfortunately this is not possible, you have to use Location Field. There is no easy way to convert text address to Location right now.

Can I create new entities in a Map View?

Nope, but we would like to hear your use case. Ping us in intercom. We will add this feature when some people request it.

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