The process for product development is broken down into 3 stages: shaping, betting and building.

These stages run in sequence, with shaping taking place at the same time as the previous build cycle.

Roughly speaking…

  • Product owners are either working on shaping a project idea (6 weeks) or are choosing amongst pitched projects which to 'bet' on (2 weeks)

  • Developers are either working on building the project that has been bet on (6 weeks) or are in a cool down period, working on ad-hoc tasks and bug fixes (2 weeks)

Shaping, betting and building projects

A Project idea gets refined until it is ready to be pitched. This is the shaping process, which occurs in parallel with the previous Build cycle.

During the Betting cycle, one (or more) of the Projects that has been pitched is bet on. This commits the development team to work on this Project during the next Build cycle.

The progress on the Projects that have been bet on can be monitored and updated during the Build cycle. This includes adding detail on Scope and To-do items.

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