Plan, analyze and collaborate on User Research

Learning from your customers through thoughtful research is essential for product development. This Fibery template helps you plan, execute, and collect results from customer discovery studies or usability tests — all in one place.

Plan your next studies

Decide on what product areas, features, or hypotheses you would like to test and create several Studies. Write down a goal for each study and decide how many interviews you need to conduct.

Decide on the questions you want to ask and prepare an interview template.

Organize and schedule interviews

Plan your user interviews and keep track of upcoming sessions using the sessions calendar view.

🛴 Automate repetitive parts of your interview preparations with automation rules. Get notifications about new interviews, assign interviews to a particular person, or move all sessions into Done when the study is closed.

Take smart notes and write down all the findings. After the research session, you should find important insights and create them from the interview text.

📎 Fibery helps you to connect notes to insights or real work. Link parts of feedback to features, bugs, tasks, top competitors, or anything else using bi-directional links.

Store interview guidelines

Great interview notes are gems. Think about how to make them scannable and visually appealing. Create a document with guidelines for your teammates.

📝 Use full-blown collaborative text editor and store your wiki and guidelines next to work.

Analyze data to find insights and recurring requests

Visualize your interview progress, task completion rates, and user research outcomes however you like. For example, you can use reports to calculate the number of references to an insight or feature and thus define the hottest product areas.

📊 Visualize your user research with reports of any complexity.

Install the User Research template

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